Freshly harvested buds have a strange smell

I just harvested by Blue DreamXHeadband yesterday and they have a strange smell. Maybe a “green” smell. Will that dissipate as they dry? I had to chop due to some bud rot on a small portion of the plant. The soil was still quite wet when I cut her down. I used GH Kleen for a few days prior.


A grassy or hay smell is normal and will go away during the curing process


Yeah, I’m with @MeEasy. My weed smells like hay until after they cure for a week or 2. It’s normal. I think it is the chlorophyll still present in the flower. The chlorophyll degrades over time.


The smell is like hay or cut green grass that smell will go away have u got a fan blowing on them

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Yes, a small fan. Also air conditioner to keep temps regulated. Some air flow from de-humidifier also.

Ok whats is ur rh at

50%RH/~60°F for first few days, then slightly increase RH. Is this ok? Should I be doing it differently?

Ur rh will fluctuate for a couple of days and then it will start drop to the correct rh which is 50%-60%

Just wondering did u flush ur plants until the leaves go yellow before u harvested

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I did a “hasty” flush for a couple of days with GH Kleen. Had been using only Ripen (7% phosphate, 6% potash) for the previous two weeks.

They had started to turn a little, but not all yellow.

When u flush u cant give any nutrients otherwise u have to start the flushing again the idea of flushing is to flush the left over nutrients in the soil so the plant will use the nutrients they are holding then u will see the leaves go yellow after a week or so then u harvest

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I had read with great interest the thread @Aquaponic_Dumme was dominant in regarding flushing vs. not flushing. So, I decided to feed up until just before harvest. As I stated in my opening post, I have a frest-cut-grass smell to my fresh buds, but that is slowly fading, and the intended aromas are coming out. On my other plant that is about three weeks behind, I will do a traditional flush and see what happens.

So, I am going to do a traditional two week flush on my next plant. Am I as aggressive with this flush as I am doing a nutrient-rich flush?