Freshly germinated seeds

Hello to all reading this

I have germinated 3 seeds but only to had a root so I guess the third thrown out. Only left with two now and they are falling over I might have to add more soil to their jiffy I don’t know. What does everyone have to say? @raustin

Sounds like they might be stretching (just a guess) how close is your light and what kind of light you have and pictures are great we love pictures if u can get some pics people can help you alot easier and dont give up on that 3rd seed yet how long have it been

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Too late for the third seed I crushed it wasn’t opening.

I think you need more light. They’re stretching because of inadequate lighting. What light are you using?

When you transplant them you’re going to have to add soil around the stems and they will grow roots.


I agree with @raustin as she knows her stuff


First ever light they have had is today and its cfl. Maybe I should of left other seed in water until it opened?

They’re going to need more than one CFL. What is the wattage and color?

And yes, you should’ve left the other seed in water, the can take up to two weeks to pop.


Should I transport them @raustin I 1300 lumens 4000k x2

Only one seedling survived so germinating an extra 2

Where do you want to transport them?

You should leave the light on them for 24 hours every day for the first week or two. You’re going to have to get them a decent light if you want to continue to grow them inside. Or you could put them outside and not worry about it.


Yes I have hps also for veg but am not sure how to get them to grow faster? @raustin

Yup would have left it alone sometimes they take a bit to pop

Excellent, an hps will work just fine. You can’t really make them grow faster though. If they have light and a little water, and good humidity then they’ll grow, just be patient. If you post a pic I can tell you if you’re on track.

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@raustin that’s great advice. Is it possible to get a harvest for an outside grow ?

Of course, just put your plants outside and they’ll start to flower as soon as the daylight hours decrease to 12 hours. You can expect a harvest around October. This is only if you’re in the northern hemisphere, it’s different for the southern.

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@raustin I’m in the S. E , mountains area. I appreciate your opinion. I’ll keep ya posted. Thanks again

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I have 2 more germinating and only 1 sprouted now as the other seedling got destroyed.

Ok, don’t throw them away this time.

Planted 2 white widow seeds a few days back they didnt pop so i re potted them in a terracotta pot last night.Will they pop if im patient?

Mine still haven’t popped and I had them in water for 24 hours and then paper towel for 24 hours and now back in water