Fresh seeds how old do seeds have to be be to germinate?

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I am new to the growing my own thing just been buying from people until I realized it’s way cheaper to grow it myself. But my question is I juat finished my first grow about 6 weeks ago and I pollinated and got good looking healthy seed but I have tried germinating about 15 seeds with only one sprouting any type of root. Is this to early to be trying to grow the seeds or have I done something to damage them and prevent them from germinating?

ive pulled seed from buds that were cut one day and i was sprouting them the next ,never had a prob they actually sprouted faster then the parent . plant seeds .Hammer

No 6 weeks was right timing, however how were they stored, or you can plant when they come off, I usually store mine for a while

Some of them I pollinated myself and those I harvested and put in a envolope and let dry for 2 weeks. Then stored in the refrigerator (not the freezer)These are the ones I can’t get to germinate. The mother was kimbo kush and the father was a northern lights auto could the mix between auto and normal caused the seed to be barron? The other seeds I found came from a small male that I didn’t catch in time that released some pollen into my grow room, those seeds where just left in the buds until smoked. But the seeds I left in the bud seem to germinate no problem.

Sorry I’m just new to this and don’t know what’s going on and would like to prevent the same mistakes in future grows.

All is well my friend no need to be sorry, no being an auto and breeding you would have just need an autoflower seeds, maybe the embryo in the seed didn’t mature all the way, I maybe the fridge made them to cold and killed the embryo

it maybe in yor case that the seeds needed a little more time to mature …when i make seed, ill leave the pollinated buds on till i see the seed pods starting to open and dropp them…then they are ready to use rite then …the longer the sit the lomger for them to go from dry, like hibernated , to hydrate …i have seed from 30 years ago …ive saved … that are still viable …but in deep ps store them 50-65 degrees if can .in dark …sealed … Hammer

Ok that makes sense and I believe that I harvest the seeds too early. That explains why the seeds i pollinated will not germintate and the mistakes seeds do. Thank you guys for the info and advice…I will definitely put it to good use!