Fresh grow help

Oh geez that’s not good man at least you have what you need now and you can get it under control and yeah I’m ready to see what kind of flowers pop out also LOL

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I squeeze a 1/4 pice of a lime or lemon per liter and that gave me about a .8-1 change. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:

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Hey hope your clones turn out really nice the best way I found a clone is put them in a gallon Ziploc freezer bag open it up what day for a little water or mineral water so far I’ve had great success

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Im sorry bud but i cant decipher what it is you are saying 100%.


Do you use clone X for your rooting compound you dip it in it put it in your starter Cube moist it with mineral water you put it down inside of a gallon freezer bag blow hot air in it which is CO2 close it up and do it about once a day and in about a week you’ll see roots then time to transplant I’ll send a picture when I get home what it looks like


You cloning your girls?

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No i havent even thought about cloning. I think his statement was directed at @Blue89.

I use root excelerator and dip it in the solution

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Yes I clone at first I didn’t do so good then I heard about the gallon freezer bags and it has worked really well for me

Yeah thats basically lime putting a dome on it.

I will preparing for flower as of today. Going to give the girls a good water then a flush when they dry. Then flower. My goal is to have them flipped by Monday. Im going to grab some lemon juice here in a min so i can control this nutty ph.


Hell yea man that’s what’s up I found a couple little buttons today in my room😏


Well i was able to get my water down to 6.68-6.7 with lemon juice, i would like to have it just a little lower but I used quite a bit of juice to get it down to get it there. 3-4 teaspoons. Maybe more. They both drank about a gallon before runoff.

I also did a pretty heavy defoliation, the biggest one yet.

I wont bother with pictures of the same stuff.

Took alot of the big fan leaves and the tiny undergrowth. I have decided that im not going to reset the lst anymore because the stems have become pretty solid. The inner branches will be laid over and the outer gently bent.

I will post pictures before i put them to sleep.

4 days till the switch is flipped.



So my plants have kinda merged into one monstrosity.

This is before and after i did some simple bending:

I also got a few more inches out of my light set up.

Tomorrow i will defoliate and remove anything i do t think will make it to the top of the canopy.




The plants got a huge hair cut tonight. Im trying to open the plants up as much as possible before i flip.

Heres before And the amount of leaves the left the big one.

I didnt get a before picture on the cookies plant, but heres what came off her and after.

And finally a group photo with the training. I havent pulled any of the middle branches down. Im going to let them grow a little longer so i can find a place to pull them.

Lastly, heres some close ups of the top of the cookies.

They are loving life. I plan to flip on Sunday. A question i had was do i need to start flower nutes as soon as i flip? Ill have my nutes on Monday and i wasnt sure if i should just water after the flip for a while or if i can start flower nutes right away.

Any input or feedback on anything is appreciated.


I’ve been doing mine since 2nd water/feeding at 1/4 then half then full from the start I’m in the end of week 2 here are a couple pics of my girls


Looking good brother.