Fresh grow help

Hi people,
I am now attempting a second set of plants since my first plant turned male.

I started 2 plants 2 days apart from each other, one being a cookies seed and the other being a random bag seed.

Since the plants have started the random seed has outgrown the cookies seed by double. The cookies seed has very twisted growth as well…

So starting from the beginning I made mistakes due to lack of research and im just trying to ensure these babies are getting the best life possible.

My set up is as follows:
Carambola 1000 watt led light.
2 fans to move air
1 fan for exhaust
I am growing in a 2x2 closet space
Miracle grow over water protection soil
No nutes for now

I dont have a thermometer or a ph tester as of yet so i keep my closet door cracked and my house stays at 72 degrees, so i expect high 70s for my room temp. I have also been giving my plants strictly purified water since i cant test the ph.

Here are some pictures from early on to catch you people up.

The third plant is the male. He’s no longer in the closet

Here you can see the twisted growth of the cookies. This was 11 days for the big plant and about 8-9 days for the smaller one.

Here’s some more recent pictures from yesterday and today

You can see on the smaller plant where the growth is twisted. It hasn’t been treated any differently and i have no idea what’s going on, hopefully you guys can help me out.

With the bigger plant, it has some spotting on a leaf thats got me worried and the coloring is weird on some of the top growth.

My light is 20 inches away from the plants which is the max recommended, im stumped.

I do plan on getting better soil to transplant in to and i also plan on ordering a ph tester and a thermometer when i get paid this upcoming Friday.

Any input will be helpful and greatly appreciated.
Help me bring some babies to harvest.


My vision for this grow is to be able to go from seed to harvest with the light set up i have, without changing much. I may invest in a tent later in the grow but for now im going to work with what i have. I know i will have to invest money in nutes and soil and misc, and that’s not a problem. I really want to be on top of things and make this a success.

Hey man and welcome. I am still new here myself but a few things here. How could you tell the third plant ws a male so early? In the first photo that cup looks so dry needs some tlc my man. Give it some water. Yeah it seems to me the light is a bit close as well as the drying out completely of the soil. See how its pulling away from sides? That is way too dry. The leaves looked to be turning up indicating heat stress due to light being so close. But again I am new someone else with more experience wil chime in they’re an awesome group here! Good luck!

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My first plant was in its 4th or 5th week of veg and it started showing.

With the plants being dry, i have two fans blowing in the room

The top one is blowing air towards the top of my light and the bottom on blows air over the tops of the plant. The top of the soil dries out pretty quick but its still moist under the soil. I wait until its dry about an inch down before i water.

I also moved the light up and took the plants down. The light is now 26 inches from the top of the plant instead of 20.

I am ready and willing for all the help i can get, be it from another noobie or a pro.

Thanks for your input.

usually takes a few days to notice a difference. My biggest mistake first starting our was fixing three things that weren’t there at all lol. Best of luck!

I hear you there bud. Just trying to get the general set up locked down.

The leaf twisting is prob from wind warping (your fans) … most likely.

Make sure you also have adequate RH! Seedlings get a lot of their water from their leaves so humidity is of dire importance (seedlings like 65-70% … I’ll let mine get to 80% at times when lights are on, reduced to 65% with lights off).

Get a thermometer/hygrometer ASAP. Lower the fan speeds or remove one until they’re better established. Get some worm castings and TEST your ph levels (5.8-6.3 is perfect … fluctuations up to 7 are ok but will slightly effect yield/quality).


Hey man, welcome!

Did you mention you used miracle grow on these plants or the previous ones? I’ve heard a lot of negative feedback on that stuff with cannabis… but I’m a complete noob so you don’t need advice from me.

@dbrn32 and @Psu8286 have been super helpful with my grow. Maybe they’ll chime in with some thoughts. I’m interested to see opinions.

I’ll set to watch man, good luck!! :+1::v::sunglasses:

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No MG here. I always heard No MG personally I use Fox Farms because it was available at a real good price and I heard it was good. I like it but I’ve only used FF so I can’t say what is best. Guess it’s personal preference.

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I’ll chime in a couple others for you. @VTGROW @DivChem @Myfriendis410 @MattyBear the question is about soil preference and the use of Miracle Grow


Genetics are mostly responsible for twisted growth but having MG soil probably didn’t help.

FYI that bag seed plant growing so quickly indicates a high chance of another male.


I feel like my bigger plant is getting close to transplant. Im in Oklahoma and the grow supplies is non existent.

They have this soil at a local store here:

Would that be safe to transplant into?

I have a choice between that and Kellogg’s organic mix from home depot and ive read horror stories.

When i transplant, should I try and get the MG off the root ball? Or just roll with it?

I wouldn’t go nuts removing it but if it falls off, sure. The problem with most of these soils is they adulterate for moisture retention (a bad thing) or with harsh fertilizers. Just being organic soil is no guarantee of correct soil for cannabis. It needs to sit at a neutral PH which means something designed for weed.


Okay i got it, so stay away from the soils i posted and wait to get a decent bag of something? There is a store with a bag of coco loco thats been sitting outside for a bit. Would that work?

I will be getting a thermometer and a ph tester ordered on friday as well as some cal mag and ph up and down.

That them today. Not looking the best. With the big plant being a male, that wouldnt surprise me either. Seems i run i to that luck often.

The reason i do the bag seeds is that i come across a lot:

I know im getting post happy and i blame it on My ADHD bwhaha.

I have had one “successful” grow in the past. I used an 8w blurple light.

These poor poor ladies never recieved nutes or anything a still gave me a little flower to remember them by.

This was the old grow set up:

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Interesting setup. I’m moving a bed currently. I’ll get back with more info… First thing ic is Your lacking about 300 watts pulled from the wall… You need Wayyyy more power…

Im a little confused, are you saying my new light is lacking power or the old plant light bulb that was in there before?

I think it’s a weak soil that FF sells. They sell straight coco too which would require you to supplement for the entire grow.

You can use those other products but require you to do some homework: a slurry test to determine base PH and whatever additives you need to adjust it like dolomite lime.

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Coco Loco by Bushmaster. It looks like Happy Frog with coco strands added in. I’ve used it from seeding through harvest. I’ve only grown in it once with a Maui Wowie ILGM seed and Fox Farm Trio. It was $10 a bag for the big bag said what the hell. I’ll probably stick with HF and OF layered. Just my 2 cents