Fresh Candy Rescue


OK, this is a branch that came off of my big Fresh Candy plant out in the field due to some crazy wind last night.
I filled a 3 gallon pot with ProMix and saturated with my usual bloom nute cocktail.
I pinched off the lowest pair of suckers, split the stem x-wise at the base & applied rooting powder and sunk it just below where the suckers were.
I rigged up my 3 T5 fixtures to 11/13 and plugged in the small air mover for ventilation.
This is one of over a dozen branches still on the outdoor plant, so it’s an experiment. I doubt it will develop roots, but it will definitely flower as long as the stem doesn’t rot.
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Bummer it came off but sound like you have taken the steps to get it to grow roots and I follow a long to see how it goes.


She looks like she’s going to Freshly Candy in no time. Was the “mother” plant blooming already?


Nope they are all showing signs of being ready to though. Yippee!


Cool! Hope she keeps the rest of her branches attached to where they are supposed to be. I can’t even think of growing at the moment, too damn hot. In Sept I’ll try Strawberry Cough.


THAT’S a BRANCH?!! Holy macaroni :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I live in a rec legal state so starting indoors and transplanting outdoors directly in the ground is the only way to go for me. They get enormous that way.


Lucky guy! Europe, except for Holland maybe, is still in the “Reefer Madness” mentality it seems.


I live in a No Grow No Smoke completely illegal country so hush hush is essential but I am on my 2nd grow and love it. I have just caught up with your journal what amazing ladies you have there!


I’m rooting for her @Willd. I’ve never seen such a large sample to root, but if she’s still in veg mode I don’t see why this wouldn’t work. You’ve isolated the branch from the elements so most of the threats have been eliminated (wind and such will not be a problem indoors).

The only concern I have is how long was the branch separated from the main plant, looks like maybe only a few hours, and the color of the branch looks good so maybe outdoor humidity kept things going with minimal sagging or wilting. I’ve read (and practice) putting cuttings directly in water after being cut to hamper to inability to draw water up into the stalk caused by air bubbles blocking the transfer of water. She looks good at the start so maybe it wont be an issue. Good luck sir, I’m anxiously awaiting the good news in 10 days or so.


Exactly what I thought. My first thought was that your light had fallen on it. Then I went, wait a minute…@Willd grows outdoors…

Definitely watching, and rooting for roots!

This really gives perspective to the size of your plants. Amazing.


More like trees eh :deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree:
Definitely gives an idea of size!!


That’s a might branch @Willd :+1:t3: I’m rooting for rooting as well.

My thoughts were like @DoomSack and air bubbles. Did you take a few inches off before the X’d the stem?
Also I want to add, do you have any SuperThrive to ease the stress and help that rooting powder out?


That’s a great idea @Budbrother I’ve started using ST during transplants and worked pretty well on seedlings. I’ve yet to try on older gals though, but the label says it works on tree transplanting, and since June they’ve been “trees” imo lol .


Yes & yes thanks for that advice


I knew youd come to the dark side eventually
Now we have you growing indoors woohoo lol
Good save @Willd
CB :v:


Fresh Candy Fail -
killed the lights & fan. put the dead branch in with the rest of my brush pile.


And it’s ok b/c I’ve still got this and more;


Bummer for your branch but hey dont go rubbing it in :wink: good luck with the rest of your girls, altho i dont luck has anything to do with this :slight_smile:


It was worth the try. It’s funny, the amount you lost and said “meh” to is more than I typically harvest at a time lol