Fresh air through tent

A question from a fellow grower:

I have been forced to use tents because I relocated my residence and don’t have a wide open basement anymore. have circulation fans in the tent to move the air, bought LED lights to keep power and heat issue to a minimum. What I would like to know if how often do I really need to replenish the tent with fresh air?? I understand that the larger the canopy the more this will need to be done. I have a huge carbon filter for obvious reasons hooked to my high CFM exhaust fan. I know its best to keep fresh air in the grow area, but does it have to be constant or can I run it a few times an hour?

It would be in the best intrest of the plants if they had a constant freash air supply being pumped in.


They suggest an exchange rate of 5 times per minute. Which with negative aire pressure is easy to achieve :slightly_smiling:
Hook everything up and close the tent, you should see the sides suck in slightly, kina like looking at a plate from the side. If you see this you have achieved negative air pressure.

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here is a formulas to determine the amount of “cfm’s” needed for your grow space. need grow room size? Freah air should be replaced every 5 seconds or so