Frenchy Cannoli - We are going to miss you

I apologize for not posting this sooner. I had the pleasure of knowing frenchy through the podcast I was priveleged to participate in for 160-180 shows. I got to hang out in a panel forum live with Frendhy 2-3 X’s I plan ot post the podcast links, ans perhaps some news agency stories. Great guy. Hard working world traveled man… lw

Frenchy Cannoli Death – Obituary, Funeral, Cause Of Death

From @Madame_Cannoli, Kimberly, Frenchy’s wife⁠

Dear Friends,⁠

It’s with profound, heartbreaking grief that I share with you that due to complications from surgery on Saturday, Frenchy left us for the great beyond yesterday, Sunday, July 18th. ⁠

Frenchy often shared that there were 3 main periods in his life – first, the 18-year timeframe from when he left home in Southern France to travel, wandering the world, enamored of new cultures and experiences, then the period of fatherhood from his mid-30s to early 50s, and then finally the period of becoming the teacher that followed when he came to the states in the 2000s. I cannot begin to express how much meaning and joy his interactions with all of you brought him. He truly cherished this unexpected evolution of the latter part of his life.⁠ :green_heart:
Teyata Om Bekanze Bekanze Mahabekanze Bekanze Radza Samutgate Soha

The community is hurting tonight with the news of Frenchy Cannoli’s untimely passing. The renowned master hashishin (hashmaker), teacher and activist left his mark on the cannabis world. #RIP #fortheloveoftheplant

Through a social media announcement, DeadDeath learned on July 19, 2021, about the death of Frenchy Cannoli who has died. In the mourning spirit of this death, families, friends, and associates of the deceased share their sad news across social media timelines.

It is really a difficult time for the beloved ones of Frenchy whose passing has brought so much tears to.

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Here is the High times article and perhaps links to other “Frenchy” stories. These links have ads, but nothing pertaining to or competing with ILGM. Enjoy the history of Frenchy.

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Here is Growing with fishes podcast episode 79 with Frenchy Cannoli. The Master of Hash.

I would listen to this 203 times in order to get used to Frenchy’s accent. There is incredeible high level info about making hash here.

We get a little goofy, and carried away later, as we all get stoned, and the feed caused some wierd flanging of vocals which almost sounded cartonnist.

Overall; There was a good time had by all some years ago.

We did another show or 2 where Frenchy just dropped in, but I would have to research where that is. Here is the show.

I am exposing mysrlf a bit. I hope you enjoy some of the great info and different topic and BS we delve through.