Freezing weed for a couple of years


Has anyone frozen weed before and how long can you keep it frozen? A friend of mine use to keep his weed in the freezer, I freeze my cigarettes to keep them fresh I’m wondering if I will have any mold issues I freezing my weed for a couple of years. Thanks in advance for any advice…


I wouldn’t freeze it. Vacuum seal it in a jar and keep in a cool dark place. My understanding is it lasts for years. However, I never keep any around long enough to know.


I’m sure there will be mixed opinions. Try some. See what happens. Date it of course.


The trichomes will get brittle and break off like crazy. Even from the slightest handling.


Thanks for the info Matthew 420


I keep all of my trimming And scraps in the freezer the cold will freeze the trimocomes and they break off. I found it’s the best way to keep trimmings fresh and have kept them for up to six months. And make good bubble hash. I’m like matt420 and dont.really keep any around long enough to tell. Best thing is like he said take a small amount 1/8 or so and try it out.


I think I found another solution, vacuum sealed herb storage… I can’t smoke right now, don’t want to wait to grow…