Freezer conversion

Hi currently planning my first grow and grow box. I have been doing a lot of research in the iglm forum and have seen the great community that exists here.
I’m wondering if people can have a look at my “plan” and let me know if I’m heading down the right track. If there maybe things I’ve over sighted. Excuse the crude drawing and the dirty freezer, but here goes nothing.

The container pictured I won’t be using.
In stead I’ll be opting to seal the bottom of the freezer with a piece of perspex on the front with drain hole essentially making the bottom partition a “tank” make the lid using the racks that we’re in the freezer and covering it with a light proof material to protect the water and roots. I’ll also be using the racks left in it for a scrog to train the plant to be short given the small space and another rack for the lights and clip on fan. For the fan I’ve recycled an old pediestool fan and cut the blades. I’ll be mounting the fan inside a tin can
I’ll also be mounting the air pump on the shelf behind reservoir.


I love this idea! It’s genius! Lol. It’s looks totally sound to me. I’m not a hydroponic grower but the idea and plans you have drawn are an awesome idea! Even for soil growers for that matter. It’s the perfect camouflage! Lol. Unless someone decides to try and grab themselves a beer or something. Lol. I say make it happen captain! Go for it. Only one way to find out. Great job @Crooksy! Wait for some hydroponic growers to chime in, they will be able help guide you better than me.

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Following. Keep up with the posts. I’d like to see how this turns out. Great idea man!

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Thanks for the encouragement guys. Looking at about 2-3month before planting. Then I’ll be doing a grow journal for my first plant.
I’ll update as I progress.
So far all I’ve spent is
Two $10 vents and 1.5m of 100mm duct.
Will be doing a DIY carbon filter.
Will be doing as much DIY as possible.
Cheapest grow box ever :joy::joy:

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I flower my plants in a converted freezer. Check it out: Closet/Frigidank™ perpetual grow


That was a good read man. Thanks for the link. Glad to see the success of others with similar ideas. Didn’t think about doing separate Vege for cycle purposes but maybe something worth looking into.

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You’re only going to fit one plant in there, so unless you want to harvest one plant every three or four months, it’s the only way to go.

I can just use CFL or t5s for Vege hey? Did I read you’re using led floodlights?

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Yes, I use LED floods, and I’ve even began to flower in the closet, finish in the freezer. I’m still working out some kinks, I’ll be updating soon.

So today I measured up the perspex that went in the front of the bottom of the freezer. Silicone sealed and will water test tomorrow. Cut one of the baskets to start making a lid for my make shift reservoir. Will probably use the lid of a storage container cut down to size. I’ll be painting the perspex black. The bottom of the lid black and hitting the top of the lid with a gloss white for reflectivity.

Also brought a drain plug from my local hardware for about $2.50. shopping list week will include hole saw set.(as I don’t know anyone with one)
Then I’ll be able to drill the holes for the drain plug, outtake duct and the vent hole for the inlet thats on the way.
The vent is fully adjustable from open to close. I’ll be purchasing another one of these to go on the inside top right for the outlet. I want as many options in ventilation as possible as the weather can vary so rapidly where I live.
So far I’ve spent $35
Set to spend maybe another $250-$300 before I purchase nutes and seeds

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Your toughest challenges will probably be environmental, then height for your lights will be your second biggest issue. Get ahead of that from the start, and it’ll be a winner for sure. :+1:

First water test failed so applied more silicon to where the leak was originating. Twisted the basket back onto its frame. Used cling film them plastic tape to cover and left a hole for my basket. Need to get some gloss white and some rustoleum rubber spray to seal the rest of light cracks. Second water test is a float. Fingers crossed. I’m eagerly awaiting the rest of my gear to arrive.


I’m lucky enough to be sampling a friend’s blueberry tonight. :blush:

I must say that it is some top notch smoke.
Smells fruity in the bag. The smoke itself it’s quite pleasant. Smooth in the intake. Flavoursome on the out :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Does the fridge work? Because it’s a great way too keep things at the right temperature.

I picked up a 12 gallon heavy duty storage container from Menards for $6. I would think something like that would trump putting a lot of effort into sealing the bottom. Not to say sealing it is an issue, but if light hits the water it will grow algae. A small inexpensive tote should keep that from happening if you keep temps reasonable.

Because of how well a freezer is insulated, even a very efficient light will put some solid heat in there. I would consider doing a diy light to help that. But I’m slightly concerned that your fan won’t move enough air to keep it cool enough for the water regardless. What kind of cfm do you expect to get? Especially with diy carbon filter, I would expect quite a bit of static load.

Not sure if any or all of this stuff will be an issue, but I’d be expecting it to some extent.

I’ve got a blueberry auto going right now. Cant wait!

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Hi yeah all legitimate concerns on the fan and temp. I’m just trying to do it as cheaply as possible.
If it pulls enough air. Sweet as :call_me_hand:
If it doesn’t I’ll just buy an in-line.
I had a look around my local shops and couldn’t find any suitable containers. I’ve tested for light and the only light that’s coming through is from the pot hole :blush:
I had the perspex and silicone sitting the shed so it just made sense. Then I can exploit as much of the small space I have.
What I am conflicted on is lights.
I have been looking at DIY 3500k cree 100w led
Or do I go the cheap and use CFLs.
I can only fit one plant and temp is an issue. What’s going to produce more heat.
Is the led going to be too strong in such a small space?

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It’s a freezer. It does work. Maybe I could put it on a timer to cool slightly :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Which cree leds do you plan on using? They’re both going to put some heat in there, but the amount of light vs heat will probably be better with leds.

If you’re looking at doing cree cob build, I would Think you’d eat up more space keeping distance to canopy. I would probably suggest going with a Samsung or bridgelux strip build instead.

I’ll definitely look into it. Thanks for the suggestion man :+1:
More research to be done :grin:
I was looking at the cxb cobs. But yeah space is an issue so I need a light that can get closer.

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