Free stuff, who doesn’t want free stuff

Just ordered mine. You guys are the mvps :call_me_hand: thanks!


Lost Coast Plant Therapy in 12 & 32 ounce, 1 and 2.5 gallon sizes. lost coast plant therapy. Go ahead guys I recommend this product!!!
Been using neem and Capt Jack’s Dead bug brew… @Hellraiser, turned me onto Captain Jack’s… this here is some awesome stuff!!!


Those are some bold claims, but the price is right.

Anyone ever ordered from Rightbud? I ordered a tent 2 weeks ago and it apparently got “lost” by FedEx. They figured that out on Tuesday and have yet to re ship my new order as they said they would, all while claiming costumer service is their #1 priority. Most company’s I’ve dealt with offer expedited shipping when a problem happens but these folks seem to not care very much as I’ve had to wait 24hrs or more for each correspondence even after talking to someone directly 5 minutes prior. All this ranting leads to this I guess. Don’t purchase from rightbud if you are in a hurry to get your equipment and live east of the Mississippi River

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I just jumped on the Free Sample train.
Figured I’d try it out, having already ordered some soil Myz and root hormone.
Bought Great White and Garden Safe, I’ll try this in a separate pot and see compare the two.

Thanks for the tip!

At the time of arrival I opened the box and laid everything out.

5 minutes later I was thinking the Mykos sleeve looked like a Burrito.
2 minutes after that I was headed to the gas station to buy a crappy burrito.
Shrug I was hungry :rofl:


@Drinkslinger curious on how you go about. I use great white little pricey but good results.


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I sprinkle it on the roots when I transplant. Also toss a bit in sometimes when making tea.


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Thanks, I just ordered one with out even seeing what all was in it ha. Thanks for the heads up though.

Thank you for hooking us up with this deal. Anything Free is worth saving up for!

Wish there were more of these trial packs out there to sample the product before dropping big $$$$ on something blind without knowing weather it would work or not. Placed a order and will keep an eye out for more promos in the future. The local grow store was giving away free bottles of “Fish Shit” 2 years ago which was a cool promotional event they were having and the companies want people to try their products and come back to buy more (corner boy logic) which is a good way to do business plus people like things that are "free’.


Still works , thank you