Free stuff, who doesn’t want free stuff

There are some good stuff in there. Fellow floridian

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Just got mine definitely gonna add some of the mykos fungi to my soil mix since its manure compost is so dense I’ll save those root things and azos for when I finally switch over to photos eventually

The root packs are only for Hydroponics I believe.

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Just ordered mine. :grin:

The Azos and Mykos are for soil, not sure if can be used for hydro. But definitely soil.

Wow :star_struck: great job.

Woot woot. Definitely a good deal. Stoked to experiment with this stuff.


@Drinkslinger Thank you for this topic I just ordered me the samples for 8.94 also!

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@DankBank22 @AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie @Zee @repins12 @scylents


Hey everyone just ordered my free sample pack. my girls are 10 days into 12/12. What of these samples should I use in flower stage. it’s the xtreme-gardening free sample. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Growing ILGM GDP and PH.
tks everyone

You could water in the mykos and or azos, as well as use the teas. I def wouldn’t be foliar applying the cal carb.

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You can use diamateous earth it works for pests

How do I get my free pack

@Grizz718 Go to buy now and click on the sample, I just picked up one .I really like xtreme .I already use Mykos wp,Mykos ,Azos ,and xtreme tea. Get ready to pot up because your roots are going to grow like crazy

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This little sample pack is nice for just the shipping I’m about to order my second one

I just got my second one yesterday.

@Mark0427 just got my sample pack


Fish head farms dot com has a free sample of their soil conditioner “fish sh!t”

I’ve heard good stuff about it

Just ordered mine


7$ for 45$ organic booster yes please

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You guys and gals are awesome!

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