Free stuff, who doesn’t want free stuff


Ok, it’s not exactly free, you pay shipping. But this whole box was around $8.


How do you get it???


Thanks for the tip @Drinkslinger , I just grab a sample . I watched their tea video , looks easy . @Audiofreak Go to the link then click [ buy now ] , then samples .


Thanks!!! Cost me $9.25.


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Thanks @Drinkslinger. Good find! $8.94 out the door. They’re probably wondering where this surge in sample orders came from, lol

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I had just ordered some azos/mycos from amazon and decided to check out their site. I stumbled upon the sampler pack and said,“why not”? Hopefully this stuff doesn’t work and I don’t end up buying more and more :joy::rofl::joy:


Thanks @Drinkslinger - I just ordered one!


Thanks for posting! If you troll around nutrient sites enough you can find a lot of these. Mammoth p, greenleaf and many others all do samples.


Freaking sweet - 4.94 in total. @Drinkslinger MVP

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for $8.94 I’m getting me some Thanks @Drinkslinger

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One more thanks for posting that!


Ordered it myself I looked at it before I did I haven’t used stuff like this before anybody used this tea brew before or any of its products or similar products ? New to the different nutrients you can use going from outdoor to indoor grow for cannabis has opened up a whole new world to me and different nutrients


Just got mine


I got mine too, but twice as many items as you got?


Really? Looks like I got the same as @Drinkslinger. Maybe smaller package sizes?


Jk, I couldn’t help myself.

Same as you.




I got mine today not exactly sure what to use still kind of confused on it lol


No samples for canada, pfft.

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