Free seeds I tried this year

Received some free seeds from QCS out of Montreal.
1 northern lights auto. 20% sativa 70% indica and ruderails.
1 pink berry photo 90% indica 10% sativa.
Cross between blueberry and pink kusch.
2 Quebec blue. 40% indica 60% sativa.
Cross between blue fire and granddaddy purple.


Let me know how the Quebec Blue is - I strongly contemplated adding one of those when I picked up a cbd strain a couple weeks ago, but went with Blueberry autos instead to hit the international shipping minimum.

Quebec blue was good, still enjoying it.
I’m still trying to figure out this whole winter/ short grow season here.
All my plants ended up inside at the end of the season since they never flowered. Huge forest fires in the area too, so Smokey all summer.
Small spindly plants so not much to say about the genes, but the smoke is good.

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@Growmedic ya last year was a PITA with the Heat Dome, all the fires, then those Atmospheric Rivers and the Abby floods! For me what was worst was a great spring, then a really crappy late May and June, my plants started to flower (I started my 4 legal clones in April). Had to buy a tent so I could finish them early, then the heat hit…40C in the tent, ouch!

This year I’m going to put 2 Bruce Banner autos outside (have 1 in my tent now about 3 or 4 weeks into flower, along with a couple of photo plants), and keep a couple of photos in the tent. Also found a spot or two nearby where I can put some clones outside in the hills, stupid 4-plant-per-household limit sucks! Uncle Justin should have made it 4 per person!

I got my seeds from as ILGM and other US seed places don’t ship to Canada…bummer. But they shipped the seeds quickly and gave me the strain I asked for as my free seeds! Can’t complain.

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