Free grow the power of nature

5 seeds from baggie , regular Unknown strain

White plastic pot

Soil from outside

Placed seeds in direct water for 2 days

Seeds where open

Placed them in soil -

waiting now for them to surface

—This is my harvest #1 Mk Ultra and my goal to surpass —


Well hey! Sounds like someone been partaking in the harvest! Lol! Good luck on getting some new babies. :wink:


The one and only Randy Marsh here :point_up:


Warning this is a growth with as lil input as posible


That’s what I used to do back in the old days. Yeah, I’m about the same age as most dirt. Lol! But, still grew some good stuff.

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Yeah my second control grow is going ok so , gotta experiment a lil on the side -


Looks like the experiment is working, for sure! Sometimes ya gotta have a little fun, down on the farm! TEGRITY FARMS

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I just know this time around it’s going to be a better harvest , and since I’m barely trying to set up for a continuous growth set up , gotta try to juggle with the veg and flower , times and organization , just ordered a Vivosun tent 2x4x5 for the flower since it gets really stinky inside , that will be in a shed for now to harvest this set , my set up idea is to start with a simple 2x4x5 for veg and my other 2x4x7 for flower would keep my 2 ts600 Marsh hydro for veg in the 5 feet tall one and flower in the 7 feet with the Hgl . But I’m 400 dlls away from the light so trying it out with an outdoor free grow

They are proud of some of those lights!

I hear they good

Now after waiting

I didn’t notice them today until now that is dark they broke and where looking for light , I will put them under the lights, light go off at 1 am it’s 7 pm so they’ll get a good amount of light but ,tomorrow they go outside for a week until transplant , will see how they do…

Looks like ya got a litter! Lol! I do like seeing new babies!

Yeah def is nice being able to pop seeds , even if it’s not top genetic

I’ve had some old bag seeds that turned out pretty good. Just have to watch for sex. Like a box of chocolates, ya never know what you’re gonna get! Lol!

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In the middle of the day the heat was too intense 2 of the seedlings where sideways , not ready for full sun yet -.- , doing better now will try again tomorrow again


Wow, I am impressed with you mainlining. I have got to try this method.

My second grow was more hands off. The more I do this the less I stress about it.

@TEGRITY you know what is making me feel my older than dirt age? The doctors are all starting to look like Doogie Howser. :laughing:

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I don’t do Drs! Lol! But gotta agree with the doogie houser analogy! Lol!

I mean they are not dead and they got full sun

Today after my son pulled one out no biggie she had no chance to recover under this :sun_with_face: