Freaky pheno presented itself in Gold Leaf strain

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this things sent up 2 sprouts from same germ…first for me in 32years gardening herb


This is rare, but not all that rare. I’ve seen at least 3 of these incidents occur in the last 2 years, and with completely different strains, here in the forum.

Basically what you have is the equivalent of twins. You can carefully seperate them if you’d like.

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out of interest…and without throwing any1 under the bus, which strain/s brother MacGyver Stoner, if you know besides the chocolope quoted, am wondering if its colloidal silver related from feminising, as I say Im a gray haired herb gardener and id never seen it, but then its only been 12yrs of cuttings and fem seed experience for me …the world is an amazing place, im not going to attempt to separate, I did something lil different, ive scratched side above the germ and put a lil dab of rooting hormone on, id like to get a damn good rootball on this , see if its worth breeding with…this ones a Gold Leaf, one of Roberts babies


Hey guy’s, I never had two connected like that, but did have two separate J ack Herer plants out of the same shell just last year. Mike
P.S. I forgot it was me that had that white widow double earlier in the year. MC


So @mackkiwi69, you’ve had this with gold leaf, @raustin had it with chocolope, and @mcicchino had it with jack herer, and if I remember correctly, someone had it with whitewidow.

I don’t think it does has anything to do with colloidal silver, as from what I understand most of our feminized seeds are not made that way. But instead they are made by letting the female mother flower for an extended period of time, much longer than what would be normal for the strain. And often if this is done, almost all females will hermi because they were never pollinated and it is a last ditch effort to make sure some seeds are produced to survive the winter until the next season.



I’ve had it and believe shared it with you from a sour grape seedling as well a few months back


yeah missed that buddy I only been here 5minutes, ill chase it up I love reading old forums

I am very disappointed in this strain. I have made 2 purchases; first for autoflowers, and the second was for feminized seeds, which I purchased a 5 pack of (in addition to others). I tried to germinate 5, only 2 made it. All of the other seeds (7) germinated, some ILGM, and some World of Seeds and 2 Delicious. The Gold Leaf’s which did germinate are far smaller than the other plants, one may/may not make it.

While ILGM’s other strains in previous this and others, including their Pineapple Haze , are all fine, and the Company is very good, I definitely am disappointed with the Gold Leaf. I hope they read this and reach out to me.

Hiya how can I be of help if I can be @howieman