Foxtaining B widow

Is this considered foxtailing? ILGM black widow

Not bad, but yes. Just buds on buds right now.

Hard to tell with the pics provided but it looks to me like u gots a bit of fox tailing going on. Also looks like u might have some nute issues going on with the clawing leaves.

I think I had one bad ph feeding, an it has not recovered.
Not sure if I should let it heal or savage what I can. I’m in week 7.

Sorry I would send other pics but its lights off now. I run a 11/13.

Dude run with it, this isn’t a death sentence, it’s just a bump n the road. If ur sure u had a bad PH feed, let her dry up. Then continue with ur regular feed, water schedule, properly PH’d of course. U should see improvement fairly quickly. Get some detailed pics when u can, also if u could fill out a grow ticket it would provide some much needed info. to make sure ur getting the proper help.


Let it go. I did with this purple kush

I attributed the foxtailing on a stretch of high temps and blasting it with too much light too long into flower.
It is a 2x2 frame and I had 400w bearing down on it. I cut the spires off during dry trim and jarred them separately with the sugar leaves.


Here are some better pics. I reduced the light power by 25%. I read putting then in a 10 light 14 darkness will help. Has anyone had any success with that method.

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Did you let it flower beyond 10 weeks?

She ran 86 days including 8-9 days transitioning.

One indicator of a fully mature cola is late stage foxtails under light. There are different kinds of foxtails and these are the good foxtails. If you want to stop one just nip it off.

You are showing some moderate N toxicity; not knowing your setup I can only comment that you likely should discontinue any Nitrogen supplements or monitor your runoff TDS to see if there are salt buildups. It’s good to clear as much of that out of the plant now as it tends to produce a harsher smoke. Plant doesn’t really need it now.


I am using dyno flush for the next couple of waterings. Hopefully that will release the salt build up. Are you saying get rid of foxtails or the N build up?

This is my first stativa an I never would have guessed the sensitivity compared to indica was so different. The stretch, nute sensitivity, extended flower. So she is still giving me knowledge.

@beardless was it still putting out white pistils at 12 weeks? That was another one of my concerns. Did you base harvest off the trichs or was enough enough.

Noob question. so what exactly is a foxtail?

Here’s an example I found.

It does this instead of one big bud.


Technically it was just into her 11th week of flower if you don’t count the week of transition. Otherwise yes because she was still making calyx. Really tough to check her trichomes under a scope because of all of the new ones. I literally said enough is enough. You are getting chopped. She was a purple kush so Sativa traits was not an issue. I had to rely on other plant characteristics in deciding to harvest her.
Half way through the harvest

When I can, I will give purple kush another chance.

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Last question. How was she after curing? Harsh, bad taste, etc.