Foxtails on roberts white widow


Anyone else getting awesome foxtailing from Robert s Widows


Foxtailing is due to excess heat and to high of temps to those parts of the plants


Majitoker funny thing is both of my rooms veg and flower have very consists temps around 75 give or take depending on which room were talking and humidity high in veg and lower in flower but I’m getting my foxtailing over the years of cloning kinda weird but neat in away


Thats how they are usually formed, @garrigan62 can you chime in here please, thanks



Foxtailing is also called Crowning. It can be genetic or it might be from too intense of light and/or high temps. It is basically a bunch of calyxes growing directly on top of one another and creates a long tail, crown or spire.
It doesn’t necessarily mean the nuggs will be less dense pre say, nor less potent, especially if it is mostly due to genetics

B Safe


What please explain because for over 2 years I never saw any foxtailing but it’s like the more I clone a trait is coming out I do about 6 grows a year


How are you measuring those temps? It is the temp at the top of the buds that makes the difference, as @Majiktoker mentioned here: [quote=“Majiktoker, post:2, topic:8917”]
too high of temps to those parts of the plants

and not just the average temp of the grow area.



I cloned for 6 generations of White Widow and never had fox-tailing. But i did explain up top in my last post i though



The tops of my buds run between 76-78 I’m wondering if my lights are a tad to close they are all platinum p300 and I have 4 in a 4x4 area normally run 9 plants scrog I keep my lights about 14 to 18 away


Yes your lights are way to close thats why your getting foxtails they should be 24-36" above @MacGyverStoner, @garrigan62 thank you both


Yes, even with heat relatively low, this may be a contributor.



That good like i said could be a number of things. but hey your make’n out like a champ …i sure wouldn’t be complaining, and i mean no disrespect , i’d be bragging…lol



That is a lot of light for a 4x4 area with 4 platinum p300s. That is 720 actual watts during bloom.

A 4x4 area is 16 sq. ft. And at 25 watt per sq, ft, the low recommended watt per ft with LEDs, is 400 watts. And at the recommended 35 watts per sq. ft for LEDs is 560 watts.

So I’d say, yeah, there is your problem, reducing the number of units or raising the height will certainly help, as the individual units actually use 180 watts each on their bloom setting.



Garraginan62 and majitoker thank you for your input I’m not complaining about the foxtailing I think it’s kinda cool and it definitely doesn’t affect the quality I was just wondering the foxtailing is only like a half inch point on most I pull 1.5 g per watt and awesome product an praiseILGM sorry I tryed to say this yesterday but I exceed my posting I guess for first timer kinda weird there’s a restriction of 12 post


It points more to genetics if the trait shows up the more you clone. It is not necessarily a bad thing as @garrigan62 mentioned. You have to look at the total picture though. It seems that light was the major contributing factor as I read.


Thats what they say however I’ve been growing this way for a lot of years with my light hovering around 14-18 inches away and that’s what the MFG suggest so I’m raising lights and just cloned another batch I had in veg the 12 I’m trying to figure out best way to move into flower but anyway I’m gonna keep lights around 24-28 and we will see I’m totaling guessing GENETICS cause I never had this for years and nothing has changed that I can figure out there only crowning/foxtailing this time about a 1/2 inch but we will see I’m gonna keep pictures for the next few grows


Sounds to me you should do a little research on it, if we knew it was wrong we wouldn’t tell you :wink:


@Majiktoker I have done a lot of reasearch to find a lot of causes from light,heat,genetics,temps,humidity,nutes,etc this includes experienced growers from Big to small,again in in no way blaming anyone and I’m not in any way upset hell I think it’s kinda cool and it’s not effecting yield,quality,flowering time,I’m just trying to find a answer by ruling out everything I’ve been told I thought that’s what forums are for to learn and not just assume one or 2 people have the answer to a very complex plant of any type


I agree sorry wasn’t trying to mean any thing by it yes exactly they are for open opinions :slight_smile:


@Majiktoker Thank you if you come across something else on this subject you hear or remember I will try it,I’m deffently raising lights