Foxtailing Question

Is foxtailing caused by too much heat, or by too much light? I see comments about it from the heat of lighting, but no comments on is the heat or is it the light intensity.

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Can be both. Can also be genetic. Have read it can be caused by other stressors like ph and root issues as well


Like what @Bobbydigital said… every plant will react differently to your environment and it’s a case by case basis. It is pretty common to see genetic foxtailing with all the new hybrids out there :v::bear:


I’ve grow blue cheese 3 times now, all clones from the original and had it all three grows. Mine is genetic.


My sour d did it but mine was from light intensity

had it to close


What’s the big deal? Fox tails smoke just fine! Just smaller versions of the main bud. To answer your question, do you see foxtails lower in the canopy? Probably not due to the fact that the plant is reacting to light and heat stress, neither of which typically happen deeper in the canopy.

Actually that’s not true at all. If you have immense amounts of perpetual fox tailing the original bud will go to ripe and beyond to decay while the fox tails consist of premature trichomes. Have you ever smoked flower with predominantly clear trichomes?? It’s a confusing ass headache. When I was beginning I cropped three plants. Two which I were sure to be ripe and the third in the back I couldn’t get to with a microscope. Let’s just say that 2/3’s of us were happy and the others didn’t have nearly as much enjoyment.

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To be totally honest I’ve never had a plant foxtail. I was being facetious. I would lower my light intensity and reduce heat at the first sign of that.

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