Foxtailing? Pretty sure, but what should I do?

Wow! Those are awesome! Remember you won’t ever get rid of the white hairs with that foxtailing! And it will be hard to see the tricks under all the new bus growth but looking fantastic!



Thanks, I’ll take her down in a few days. It has certainly been a learning experience with these first 2 plants.

I think this second one will be pretty nice, I messed her up but stayed with her for 4 months, and I think will pay off nicely.

I have a couple nice plants about a month behind this one that I didn’t mess up so badly. Should be a straight forward nice harvest. I’ll post pics as soon as this one finishes.

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Ok, I put a magnifier app on my phone because I can’t seem to get the microscope in focus, I’m not sure this is any better, but if anyone sees anything here I’m
d appreciate some insight.

The plant will be 4 months old on Weds. I think it’s ready. I plan to put it in the dark for 24 hours either tomorrow of tues. I will wait until next weekend if you think it will help.


I’d say she’s ready! Chop! Chop! One thing… Is that a leaf in the bottom right corner of the second pic? It kinda’ looks like a 'nanner!

@Caligurl I don’t think it’s a nanner, pretty sure she’s all female

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Calling everyone who helped, I think this is going to turn into a big success after all. There is an absolute ton of bud here, and once I moved it into a dark closet, it released all it’s smell - my house smells like a candy store.

For the past 10 days, the smell has been pungent both inside and outside my house, I’m legal to grow with my card, but I still don’t want to call attention to myself to my neighbors. Thank god it’s 25 degrees out right now and no one is out on their back porch. I searched everywhere to try to figure out where the smell was coming from and it’s just the exhaust from my furnace. Time to get my carbon filters going again - things got a little out of hand and I stopped using them, but family is coming back to town next week, so I need to minimize the smell again - my girlfriend thinks I’m insane and the smell apparently follows me around on my clothes.

Anyway, she is exactly 4 months old tomorrow 17.5 weeks, so much for the 8-10 weeks I expected when I started this on 9/13. She’s a beast though.

Here are more poor shots of the tricomes, at least I’m satisfied that they are mostly cloudy with some amber at this point, and 90% of the hairs are red too.



I constructed a stand 30 x 30 x 30 around the plant to support it a few weeks ago, I removed it today, and the plant just completely flopped over.

Here’s a nice shot of a bud, I know it sucks under the grow lights, but you can see the light purple and green pistols, really pretty.

I got a 48 x 48 x 80 tent to help me segregate the light cycles when I switch to photo’s, for now it provides a nice dark closet for this one’s upcoming 24 hours of darkness. But it gives you an idea of the size of the plant.

and a final shot of the buds

Thanks again for all the help, after my first plant failed at Thanksgiving, and I have been smoking that immature bud for a month, I was pretty disappointed. I think this one will turn out how I originally hoped, and I’m going to end up with a lot more than I expected due to the delays this plant encountered.


Looks awesome!

Don’t forget the pics of the harvest :slight_smile:


Well done. She looks pretty :+1:


She’s a monsters, cut her head off ans hang her to take torphy pictures!

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Those look like some nice dense colas!

I usually weigh after dried and cured. You’ll be surprised at how much is water weight.

Good Job.


You lose about 75-80% from wet to dry, plus maybe 5-10% for stems, I bet there is a lb there if that math works out lol. Nice :+1::sunglasses::scream_cat:


Very nice! Congratulations!

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