Foxtailing? Pretty sure, but what should I do?

She’s a monsters, cut her head off ans hang her to take torphy pictures!

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Those look like some nice dense colas!

I usually weigh after dried and cured. You’ll be surprised at how much is water weight.

Good Job.


You lose about 75-80% from wet to dry, plus maybe 5-10% for stems, I bet there is a lb there if that math works out lol. Nice :+1::sunglasses::scream_cat:


Very nice! Congratulations!

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I read your thread on your Zkittlez and Banana Kush grows this morning.

I’m about to harvest my second batch, and I’ve made some progress since killing my first plant 3 weeks before harvest, and rescuing the second for a decent harvest.

This second batch has been much healthier and straightforward, but I started to notice some issues about half way through flowering. As you can see, my gorilla glue and bruce banner leaves became mottled with yellow and brown spots. I thought it looked like calcium deficiency, but I am supplementing calcium every feeding (every other day). I’m using a chemical fertilizer meant for hydro, but I’m using it in soil. I add magnesium sulfate and calcium nitrite to every feeding, so I thought it wasn’t a calcium deficiency. I was at 8 gm fert 8 gm mag sulfate 8 gm calcium nitrite per 2 gallon watering can, but backed it down to 10, 5 and 5 as flowering progressed. (Hydrogarden 4-20-39 with trace minerals added).

I was reading the other day, and based on what I read, I thought it might be light burn. I have 3 240 Watt Kingbrites for about a 4 x 4 area - 45 watts per sq ft, but these are 301h LED lamps. I was reading in your thread this morning and you mentioned that you struggled at first when switching to LED’s, and they can cause an increased need for calcium. I had also read a previous post of yours where you said you didn’t use cal/mag after the veg cycle is over.

Anyway, as you can see different plants are reacting differently to the same conditions - the white widow seems just fine with regularly yellowing of the fan leaves while the gorilla glue and bruce banner have become yellow, brown, green, and crunchy. The buds look ok but the leaves are showing that my grow could be healthier.
I’m about to switch some things up, and move my grows into 2 48 x 48 x 80 tents with the same light setup, maybe it’s too much?

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So this is the next batch - I discontinued nutrients yesterday - I still don’t have a good handle on when to discontinue, the tricomes look to be 90% cloudy no amber, these auto’s were planted around Oct 20, so with 2 weeks of no nutrients they will be about 4 months old. The Gorilla glue has very few white hairs left, the white widow has foxtails all over the tall buds, but the shorter ones are almost 100% red hairs - the Bruce banner is similar with some pronounced foxtails, and purplish pistols with red hairs on everything that isn’t a foxtail.

I would hope the next 10-14 days will bring more red hairs and some amber tricomes, but I’m really feeling like this is a guessing game as to when to discontinue nutrients. I get the harvest charts, but not how to project them out 10-14 days.

The plants were all treated about the same - I lst and topped them until the stretch started or budding showed. The White Widow went early so didn’t get as much training or topping as the others - I think that one was the sweet spot and the others I meddled with a bit too much and have more small buds instead of fewer bigger - lesson learned, but I’m ok with it as long as I do a little better and figure out a bit more every time.

Any comments or suggestions are always appreciated.

Gorilla Glue

Bruce Banner - lights on

Bruce Banner - Lights off

White Widow - looks about right? right? I hope so, but if not please tell me what you see



@Nothingshocking - Those are looking great!!! I too struggle when to stop feeding and just flush. My triches right now all all cloudy with a couple amber. I fed them today but my plan is no more nutes. I’m thinking I’m only 7-10 days from harvest. I was thinking of starting to defoliate this weekend and determine when to harvest from there.

I also switched 1/2 way through flowering from CMH to HLG 600 and did notice I had to give CalMag every feeding.

Looking forward to pics/info on the harvest. Looks like you have a good amount of trim jail time there :slight_smile:


Too much light would only affect the upper leaves so I don’t think that’s your issue, looks like more of a nutrient problem (over-feeding) to me. When I used CalMag, I cut if off after 5 weeks of flowering, don’t really need it after that point.

Unless you’ve grown the strain before, it is a guessing game. I generally wait til most trichs are cloudy with only a few clears and most of the pistils have changed color, then I go water only. At times I might only get a week of water only in before I get enough ambers to cut and other times I’m still doing water only for three weeks because I started too early and still waiting on the ambers. You do the best guess and if it ain’t exactly 2 weeks of water only - no big deal. The only strains I know well enough to get it perfect are my clones, because I’ve grown them before and know exactly how long it takes for them to finish, with any others, you take your best guess.


@Hellraiser thanks. I was guilty of overwatering and over fertilizing my first batch too which killed my first plant. I cut it back from every day to every other but I’m still probably erring on the side of overkill.


I feel confident to recommend flushing now. You can debate and re think what to do different next grow, while enjoying your labors :grin:


They are looking great! I can almost smell them!!


Sorry I just saw this! I haven’t been to the forum since December.

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You’ll need to filter it better next time, but yes, that’s the good stuff. :grinning:

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High @blackthumbbetty yes your posting here make’s me thinks you’ve eaten enough lol :laughing::joy::rofl::grin:


They look good man It might be a little warm in the tent The leaves look like they’re a little dried out maybe the humidity is not high enough overall the buds look good though maybe drop the temp a little bit and raise the humidity a hair

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@Scoop420 thanks man. I just got done harvesting those plants. That was my second batch.

I noticed that everything over the capony was really crystally and purple on some plants, and everything underneath was light green and not as dense or ready. Similarly the leaves under the canopy weren’t mottled and crusty either.

I saved my best plant for last, and only took off the buds above the canopy, and will give the lower buds another few weeks to hopefully give me more of the good stuff. I’ve got more larf for edibles than I know what to do with.

I think I’m going to start defoliating to see if it corrects the lower larf issue.

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I saw your buds in another post and I just had to come over and meet you. I know I am late, but hope I can throw my .03 cents worth in, once in a while. Big smile :smiley:


I am so doing this! Ive been looking around and found numerous complicated processes, from curling irons to butane gas, but this looks like something even I cant f¥<€ UP!

I have my qwet process here. Now, i use a Source Turbo for extracting the alcohol vs letting it evaporate but, other than that… I do everything else the same.

I use the boveda 62% packs and those meters you’re using and they always show 62 once it levels out in a week or so. But Ive also used apple peel on some that got below 62 to pull them back up.