Foxtailing? Pretty sure, but what should I do?

@anon33684698 I do have a sample pack of Mykos can you recommend a dose? I will be home in an hour, and can dose it then.

Also is Mykos sensitive to freezing temperatures? I will need to order more and it’s getting pretty cold here…

Hey mate I’d check the packaging for both sets of info you’re chasing there. Each type could be different.

For example, the Great White I use is 1 scoop to 7L mixture and for my size pots, I give around 1L per plant


@anon33684698 Thanks, I didn’t realize there were multiple brands. I have “Xtreme gardening” granules and also powder. The powder says water soluble and mixes 1 tbsp to 1 gallon. I’m going to mix 1 tspn to 1.3 quart and water the plant with that.

If this isn’t enough and someone is familiar with the product please let me know and I will add more later.

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Yeah I was wondering about the watering every day… now I see the roots,. Remember you said if you didn’t water every day they looked limp and wilted? That was probably because with so few roots it needed more water, but then the snowball effect, more water, more root rot…

I only water when the pot feels light or the soil is dry up to my second knuckle… but the pot lift method works best more me. As they near the end, they need less and less water. Those bleached leaves still look like lights are too strong or too close but who knows?? Maybe that’s lack of roots as well…


@Nothingshocking I don’t think I’d give a flush… she’s had plenty of water so I doubt there is a build up of much anything… I think a flush would do more damage right now… just let her dry out, water with the Mykos (I use Recharge… similar)

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Hey @NugFlush I think we should continue the conversation over in a different thread. There is one started for Concentrates, or you could start a new one…

Tag us over there, I think @nothingshocking could benefit from not having to filter through our posts :wink:


After a time, your soil will acidify from everything you’ve been adding breaking down. Next grow, try to do some scheduled flushes, particularly when you transition from veg to bloom.

A true flush requires running about 3x the volume of water as your pots hold through til all parameters are in check. Just watering a lot can actually make things worse bc it encourages more breakdown and compounds any build-up issues.


We continued it on the cannakitchen thread. :grinning:



As far as your gorilla glue goes.

I’m not sure why your stem rotted so I didn’t have any comment to make on that. But, the frying of the leaves I would like to comment on.

This is just an observation by lowly me, so you can take it for what it’s worth.

I have been experimenting with “how much light is too much light” this last year and only have a few grows of observation under my belt, but I’ve gone as much as 65 watts of LEDs per foot and my plant ended up looking like yours. It was a gold leaf that was suppose to flower in nine weeks, yet it had plenty of amber trichomes and it was certainly done at seven weeks, kind of like you are experiencing.

My current grow I was using about 45 watts/sq foot and at about week 4 of flower started experiencing a similar burning. I immediately throttled the light back to about 30 watt/ft and the burning stopped. Now I’m experimenting with 45w/sq ft for just part of the 12 hour light cycle and 30w the remainder. I’m close to finishing the grow now.

What I think is happening is that the extra bright lights are creating a need for a far more aggressive feeding schedule to keep up with the demands of the light since there needs to be a balance between them. More nutrients require more flushing to remove buildup and keep things in balance. I wish I knew what the solution was, still early in my experiments, but the one thing I think you can do with the gorilla glue to keep it from getting worse is to decrease the light intensity.

I hope I said something that helps in some way.


On that same note, intense light causes your plant to eat up calcium and magnesium really fast.


@CMichGrower I have a feeling you’re probably right. I grew a long time ago, and my harvest was disappointing. I thought for 20 years that insufficient light was the reason, so this time I took the opposite approach. Push it hard with light and tend to the plant’s needs as they arise. It was going really well until it didn’t and now I’m left with the aftermath. I’m going to cut it back the watts/sq ft in the future. Thanks for your advice,


Im not saying you can’t push the lights, I’m just saying you have to be more aggressive in the feeding. As @blackthumbbetty noted, I treated for a calcium, mostly and magnesium, to a lessor extent, deficiency but it was too late. When the leaves eventually burn up its hard knowing exactly what they needed.

I think the timing is critical and from what I and others like you have experienced the deficiency starts to showing in the weeks 3-5 of flowering and once it starts it goes fast.

I have 3 plants in their 4th week of vegging and will start flowering soon. I’m going to push the lights again on one at 45 watt sq foot and at another, 35 watt sq ft. They will be on the same feed schedule but I’m going to start extra high doses of calcium and magnesium as soon as I start flowering and see what happens. The third girl goes under a 600 watt HPS lamp and will be on same feed schedule and growing medium as the others.

In a couple months I’d let you know how my experiment turned out, but my memory is sometimes clouded if you know what I mean, so I probably won’t remember.


@Nothingshocking don’t forget that the symptoms of overwatering actually look a lot like the plant is not getting enough water. I’m only new to this too but what I think you may have done is mistakenly not recognised these symptoms for what they really are and have over watered to compensate for what you thought wasn’t enough water, which has in turn killed off your roots with rot as @Caligurl has rightly pointed out above :point_up_2:

Hey mate, it’s all lessons learnt. Next time, I bet you won’t repeat these mistakes :purple_heart:


That deficiency could be a lockout, especially at that time.


Correction… just re-read it and that should read 23 mg


Lol. I figured that when I read it. I was like damn…this girl puts 2320 mg In each serving? Lol. Damn she’s for real!, :joy:.


@Nicky sorry to bug you… The feeding chart with the ratios… does this mean you just feed them once a week, or you water that mixture at every watering?

I was giving fertilizer at half strength every watering which was also every day and probably what went wrong with my plant.

The Gorilla Glue is still alive, the fan leaves are continuing to yellow, but the sugar leaves are green still. I’m getting some purple pistils now too, and still not many red hairs so it’s got some time to go. The buds are getting heavy and need support now. I’m going to make an after the fact scrog net to provide support. The other plant never got that way, so I think this will end up better.

I gave it some of the new fertilizer today - thanks for the schedule - just wondering when I feed them next.

Change it every week but feed it as much as needed.
In hydro your reservoir stays the same all week and in coco you would feed that all Durring thst week but the next week you would feed differently.
Feed them evey time they need liquid

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@Nicky Thanks!

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@Caligurl @NugFlush @blackthumbbetty

I finally got the time to give QWET a try. I have a ton of immature stuff from the plant that died early in this thread. I have had it drying in a Wedryer basically since the plant died, so totally completely dry now and it smells better than the stuff I’ve been curing from the same harvest oddly.

Anyway - here is 2 oz of dried weed crumbled with my fingers to about rice size as best I could

I decarbed it in 3 jars at about 240 degrees for 60 min, I’m worried it was too much

I filled the jars just over the weed and shook for 5 min each, then freezer for 15 min, then shake for 1 min, then freezer for 15 min, then shake for 1 min. let sit for 5 min

then strain through a coffee filter

I thought this step would be easy, but it was not. I put a coffee filter over the jar and let it drip. seriously took forever… drip drip drip

There must be a better way

I tried my best, and wringed out the mixture through the filer when it was done, the result is this coffee looking mixture. It’s drying with a cheesecloth over it in this silicon dish recommended by caligurl

and here’s my gorilla glue, officially 3 months old today, I’m doing everything I can to keep her alive including building this stand, lol, she was getting heavy. I think she’s as far along as the Zkittlez when it died, so everything beyond this is an improvement