Foxtailing or Auto Flowering?

Just put fem Gorilla Glue girls into flowering yesterday, but some have stretched and began flowering while still in veg. Pic shows difference between plants. Used Foxfarms potting soil in 5 gal. pots, Foxfarms plant food/fertilizer, two 600-watt HPS lights, temp 82 day and 76 night, good ventilation with fans, AC, 4x4 tent. Advice please.

How many plants and how big is your grow area?

The tent is 4x4x6 with 9 plants.

I would nuke my plants if I added another 600w MH to my 3x3. So I guess you went to 12/12 light cycle?

We have the power on the lights at 75%. We are actually fairly experienced and have had over 10 successful grows with up to 11 plants at a time. We watch the temp and humidity. This is just really out of the norm. Do you think it is foxtailing?

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And yes we went to 12/12 light cycle yesterday.

Wondering if this is foxtailing. It was showing buds while still in veg. Or could it be auto-flowering? Weird with buds…what’s up? Any ideas welcomed.

“Showing buds while still in veg” means it’s no longer in veg. If on a longer day/night cycle than 12/12 then you have autos.

Foxtailing doesn’t occur in a plant that young. It is typical of the last couple of weeks of flower under high intensity light. Your one plant has started to flower and the other one not yet. Remember every plant is different and flowering times will vary.

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I have never grown autos, but had one genetic foxtail in the past…even her 2 clones foxtailed while the rest of that grow was normal. These were all ILGM feminized Gorilla Glue. We started with 10 plants, but tossed one when the weirdness began, so now there are 9 girls and this is happening to several others. So could auto seeds have been mixed in? We still have 10 more GG and 20 GSC, so I’m really concerned for future grows. Also, if they are autos, will the 12/12 lighting be ok because the regular fems need that? I’m confused and hope you can help.