Foxtailing? Lotsa pics

Hi again, So i added a second light maybe 4 days ago? All 4 plants have been pretty much roundish up to now, but suddebly, im seeing little ‘extra looking tips’. They should b in their… 4th (2) and 5th (2) week of flowering?

This first plant seems to be having them all over. All pics here are the same plant/cola.

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Lights are too close or to intense Growmie. Do you have a meter or an app to adjust your lighting intensity. Shoot for a DLI of 40-45 where you’re at in flower. PHOTONE is a great little phone app :love_you_gesture:


Yep, recommended to me the other day. Ha I got it, but havent messed with it since changing my setup to a different room. (Yes!) Im gonna post colas from my other 3 plants to see if its a commonality.

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A few other things can can create fox tails, heat stress, over feeding and genetics :love_you_gesture:still mainly white pistils in the last pics


What did you mean by saying “still white pistils”?

Also, i just checked my meter for the 24hr and its at 42 or 43.

Im concerned now! Come too far! I just raised the lights from 20" above to 22". Crossing fingers for genetics!

If it was from the lights and ive already raised them, how much might that have effected its potency?

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I get foxtails all the time. It’s nothing to worry about. I just cut them off on harvest since the trichomes on the foxtails won’t be matured by the time of harvest. The only thing that will lack potency will be those specific foxtails since they will have immature trichomes. The rest of the flower will be just fine.


Dear god thank you. I wouldve been so depressed otherwise. Thanks for the peace of mind!


Actually, now im a little confused. The dli directly under the light at canopy is 42, but when i move it to the outskirts, it goes down to 20 - 25.

So what do i go by?


I believe you should take multiple readings from various points and average the readings but this is definitely not my expertise.

Meaning the plant is still producing lots of fresh white “hairs” and is not nearly ripe.

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This WWA is foxtailing because it is getting too much light. All pistils(hairs)are dark except for on the foxtails.

This is nearly an inch long of single calyx’s stacked. :arrow_down:

She’s getting chopped this weekend.

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