Hello fellow growers,

Is this foxtailing?pistils towards the top have some white, but the rest of the plant there are no white pistils.

Also are these trichomes milky? It looks to me that they are milky with some clear left. This is my first grow and im having a hard time identifying the difference. I know i have some time left, but i would like to catch it with mostly milky and some amber.

Thank you!


Maybe some real slight foxtails. Going by the triches she’s getting pretty close depending on the high you’re looking for


Thank you :+1:t2:

You’re about at that time where I start reducing light hours. I’ll drop down to 11 hours of light for a week then 10 hours for a week. Has helped with foxtails and helped with them finishing up. Especially for stubborn plants.


I hope to be at that stage, SOME DAY

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You’ll get there at some point. This is my first grow, and one thing I’ve had to learn is patience. You can’t rush mother nature. :grinning:

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