Foxtailing and harvest


Can anyone tell me if this is what the call foxtailing


Can u post a better picture of the buds itself. Foxtailing is when the calyx and buds stack up and become lose, they grow upward instead of being dense


I can’t tell from your pic but I have one clone that is foxtailing the mother didn’t look anything like it or smell anything like it totally weird to me but this clone smells just like juicy fruit

and I’m not for sure but I believe that instead of the bud forming normally it looks like when they foxtail the catalyst just keep forming inside of each other and I have heard many different reasons from this happening to stress from heat to just being a genie passed long so Id like to hear more about foxtailing from anyone out with more info on this.


Foxtailing is also called Crowning. It can be genetic or it might be from too intense of light and/or high temps. It is basically a bunch of calyxes growing directly on top of one another and creates a long tail, crown or spire.

It doesn’t necessarily mean the nuggs will be less dense pre say, nor less potent, especially if it is mostly due to genetics.

The picture below is an example of extreme foxtails.

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5x5 cmh 630 or 2 315

Holy crap @MacGyverStoner that is extreme foxtailing… Yikes… Crazy little plant…



Very extreme, but how did it smoke up?


This was not a picture of anything I grew.

But in one of my first grows, when I started out with CFLs, a few buds that got very close to the hot CFLs and did develop some spires at the tops of the nuggs, more like Allen’s picture above, and they pretty much smoked just like the rest, lol.



I would have to say that is the most extreme example of foxtailing I have ever seen!