Foxtail or not...almost there

Hey all,

New grower you may have seen around here with other questions. I’m almost to the end of my Critical Mass CBD. Today I noticed these 2 spurts of bud growth with all white hairs. Is this foxtailing? If so, what do I do? I’ve read it’s not necessarily a bad thing but that was from a general google. Sorry about the close ups. I’m terrible with the magnifier.

Also, since you’re here :grinning: The other plant shown in the pictures is my Blue Dream auto. The leaves have been turning yellow then to purple. Is this ok? I’m growing organic and did not plan on feeding again.

Blue Dream Auto from WeedSeedExpress & Critical Mass CBD Auto from ILGM

• Growing in Coco w/Down to Earth Organic amendments and worm castings. DTE All purpose 4-4-4 and Bloom 4-8-2

Not sure on the brand of coco.

• 5 gallon fabric pots

• pH of water is 6.5

• I do not measure runoff.

• Indoor

• SF-2000

• Day temps- 75-80F Night Temps- 71-73F

• Day RH- 48% Night RH- 55% (These fluctuate depending on when the last watering was. Trying my best to keep it in check.)

• 4" exhaust

• Small De-humidifier

• No CO2 supplement

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The Fox-tailing early on/mid flower is good! It’s when it’s technically “mature,” and Fox-tailing pops up that it seems to become a problem. How far are you into flowering?


Thanks for tagging me the leaf issue looks like normal plant activity nearing end of flower …
That’s just from reading what others say when they see it …
If I’m wrong which is also a great possibility I hope someone tells you otherwise

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8 weeks into flower. ILGM says there’s a 10 week flower time.

Yeah, I know about the leaf transition from sucking up all the nutes available but I must be weeks from harvest. The buds still have a lot of white and all clear trichomes.

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BTW I put that AK 47 outside to make room in the tent. It’s loving it as far as I can tell. Praying to the sky all afternoon.

I would look into p or k toxicity /deficiency then …
Mobile nutrients seem to start at the bottom and work their way up
Immobile nutrients start at the top and work their way down I believe
Hopefully someone corrects me if I’m wrong .

It doesn’t look like nute burn because a few of your leaves are lime green which is usually nitrogen deficient …but that starts at the bottom

This looks to be starting higher up


Under ideal conditions, how do the trichs look? If they look close, ease off the light. High intensity lighting causes fox tails. Don’t count the fox tails when glassing the trichs.


I included some pictures on the initial post. Mostly cloudy, an amber here or there.

They’re at least 30" away from the SF2000. I will give them some more room to see if that helps. I think I’m about a week or 2 away from them being finished.

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So now you have to decide, let her ride it out for 2 weeks (?) or give her a few nutes to help her through.


If only the parts getting hit by immediate, direct light are affected (purple, red, or yellow leaves), while the rest of the plant remains healthy and normal in color, it is very likely a lack of phosphorus.

I agree with oldmarine. It looks like it’s pulling nutrition from the older growth sending it to the new (buds).


The Blue Dream with the yellow turning purple leaves have more than 2 weeks to go for sure. The Critical Mass has at most 2 weeks left. She’s the one that looks to be foxtailing. Sorry for the confusion. I shouldn’t have created 2 problems in one post.

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Thank you! Any opinion on how to add phosphorus in an organic grow this late in flower? I assume a tea but I don’t have the equipment or the ingredients at the ready.

The leaves in direct light have been the issue. There are others further away that look healthy so I think you’re right. Just wanted to add that.

Flowering plants do use a lot more phosphorous. If you have it, some Mammoth P might help the plant use the phosphorous from your last feeding more efficiently.

Otherwise, if it was me, being so close, I doubt I would feed it this late. I water with straight dechlorinated pH’ed H2O the last cpl weeks to let the plant use all the previously provided nutrients up.

If you choose to feed it, I use Dr Earth Flower Girl from Home Depot. I use the dry top dress but they have a liquid (all organic) that the plant might use faster.

BTW: Those leaves showing deficiency won’t ever look better so you could prune them.

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That was the plant to which I was referring.

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Thank you. I’m going to let it go and hope she makes it. I appreciate your thoughts.