Foxfarm or Vermiculite?

A question from a fellow grower:

What do u recommend for veg stage: foxfarm soil or vermiculite. Right
now I have 3 Ww seedlings coming up in Miracle grow soil in starting
pot. I got 5 gallon pot when they get bigger but can’t decide if to use
vermiculite or the foxfarm ocean soil I was told miracle grow not
good. Any idea ?

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There are a few regulars here that have great results with miracle gro moisture control,I put my seedlings in fox farm too soon and burnt them and stunted their growth.if your gonna use fox farm wait until the plant has 5 or 6 nodes before using

Hey Cash,
is this seedling ready to be transplanted in fox farm?

Your plant has only a couple of nodes and accompanying sets of leaves. You can give it a good few more nodes of growth as Cash stated previously.

If you layer your soil in pot , using a soiled medium with low N.P.K ratio on top , and a more balance ph soil on the very bottom . So as your plant grows and develop its roots , it will grow into the ph soil to ad void many early on issues with hot soil . Example , fox farm ocean forest on the very bottom , and say maybe miracle grow moisture control , natures care , or coco coir with 30% perlite on the very top . That way your seedling have time to grow its roots and can withstand the ph soil . That also allow you to schedule adding nutrients , because once its roots grow into bottom soil , it should be mature enough to be fed nutrients .

Yoshi, it is the NPK ratio that will be higher, not “more balance pH soil”. The pH should be the same in soil, always 6.5, this doesn’t really change. “Hot” of the soil refers to nutrient or NPK strength, not pH. “Hot” refers to nutrient concentration, pH is a measure of acidity or alkalinity, it doesn’t really have to do with the strength of nutrients.

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Right , I guess I wrote wrong , good eye Stoner and thanks for cleaning that up !!!

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Thanks so much guys I love this site. Gees I am learning so much.

How do I post my question? I have been using fox farm bloom boost and my plants are yellow

I am with MacG here; Plant is too small to give fertilizer. Must have at least 4-5 alternating nodes of leaves. Looking good.

Use both no MG !!!