Foxfarm nutrients

Definitely let them sit open for a while so the chlorine can evaporate. Tap the jug so the air bubbles all come to the top.

TSD is checked with a meter that looks just like a PH meter. Good to know if you can spend the $15-$20. My tap is 164ppm which I think is high but I’ve seen others way above that. When I switched from distilled to tap I got a little tip burning. Hasn’t spread so I’m not concerned but I’m guessing it’s my tap water.

I meant, TDS, sorry. PPM is the unit of measure for TDS. Total Dissolved Solids. How much crap is in your water, and there is always going to be some.

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we have hard water rusty high in iron also .

My next grow I’m thinking about getting this. I hate wasting the water but…

$60 seems worth a try. I’ll connect it to my washing machine line in my basement near my grow.


Hey @ted
@Matthew420 has given great advice
You have well water I’m guessing since you said it’s hard water
You don’t use a water softener do you ? If you do your going to water want to get water b4 the softener so you don’t get high salt build up in soil just a FYI
Also a r o filter system in a good idea the one shone by Matt420 would work nicely
I have whole house triple filtration plus uv light on my well water and my ppm are higher than Matthew420’s I’m also considering adding the same unit to my grow room but my girls don’t seem to mind my water right now so not sure
I’ll get an exact # later for you on my ppm

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we have a town well and its hard water. I don’t add a softener . I just added the cal-mag 5ml per gal. and a fox farm dose of for a week 4 at 1/2 the dose. also I was running with no fan. it was stinking up the house. so i just added a 4 inch exhaust fan and temps have dropped from 86deg to 76 deg. Time will tell thanks guys


I have used the FFOF a few times now and experiences nute problems because I thought I needed to feed. I have since discovered what was mentioned earlier that you can run right up to flower without those nutes FFOF is already blended for that. I have also discoverd Cal-mag was needed in my situation. Also next time add more perlite to the FFOF seems to pack a little tight with watering. This caused watering issues for me. Looking good, good luck.


Yeah you definitely want air movement around plant :seedling:
I also found cal mag was needed with Foxfarm trio
Good point @Maxchill

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wow over the first night after nuts. the plants grew 2 inches wider. i am sure its a combination of the ph correction,cal-mag,nuts,new fan, will the yellowish white tips go away with the cal-mag? so i should be watching new growth for yellow -white tips? how log does it take to correct ?i am adding 5 tea spoons per gal
thanks again

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Ted yellow tips may not go away and yes watch new growth it will determine if things are corrected
Your adding Cal Mag 5teaspoons per gallon of water? If so that’s too much 5ml i think is what you should be using more isn’t always better


ops i have gave them another feeding today too. hope they make it . They look great so we will see thanks for pointing that out .

3 days growth 5 weeks old

Yes as @Countryboyjvd1971 said, watch the strength of your nutes. Might want to dial them down a bit. Your beautiful green leaves are starting to get yellow tips and sides, a sure sign of burn. If u calm down with the nutes they will be just fine your doing great!!! Good luck my friend. I wish you the best

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The strange thing I had the yellow tips before I used the nuts.

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I have 1 plant with yellow tips that happened when I changed to tap water. I’m convinced its excess sulfur in my case. Could be wrong, but I also had it in that one plant before any nutes.

my water does smell like eggs sometimes . would I need a charcoal filter for that? I am still seeing yellow tips

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I’m just going to see what happens and next grow get an RO system. The one I’m looking at is only $60 and can do 50gal/day.

I suppose if you have a way to filter, it wouldn’t hurt. I ran water thru a Britta and the TDS only dropped 10ppm so it’s not doing a whole lot.

Only down fall of these systems is the water wasted just to make 1 gal of RO water lol

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Absolutely! That bothers me a lot.

Not disagreeing with anyone but novice mind wants to know. Why do fox farm have a schedule of feeding from seedling to flower using FFOF? Yet I have read that the soil is too hot and not feed for 3 or 4 weeks.

Really just curious. I am using fox farm products and so far so good.