Foxfarm nutrient schedule

I have some seeds that sprouted about a week ago and I have them in small cups in Happy Frog potting soil. I have “grow big” “buds & blooms” and “big bloom” from foxfarm and I have a pamphlet with a feeding schedule, but i can’t figure out how soon I should feed and what the pamphlet lists seems strange (starts with 6 tsp big bloom) … any help appreciated … peace … pa bliss

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I use Ocean Forest and don’t start feeding until they are 20 - 30 days old. The best practice is to monitor run off PPM’s and when the PPM’s start dropping you should start light feeding and increase gradually to what ever level the plants can take.

If the plants are taking up nutrients and the soil is starting to deplete, then runoff PPM’s will be lower than PPM in. Most folks suggest only using about 1/2 strength nutrient mix but I tend to feed at recommended strength and have had no problems with over feeding.

Why does this seem strange to you? If it is the having bloom in the name, don’t worry, you can use this all through your grow.

Bloom might be more beneficial to root stimulation then a vegetative nutrient that would be high in nitrogen which u won’t need cuz it’s in the dirt and the bloom has potassium which helps roots

FF runs on a ppm 700 scale. In my experience, most Amazon meters use a ppm 500 scale. This revised chart represents the adjusted numbers if using a meter on a 500 ppm scale.

Sorry @BobbyDigital, I’m reposting your image again. Lol. It’s pretty useful.

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No, please post as much as possible. The 700 scale is a big reason we see so many burnt and underfed plants. You’ll see “give 1/4 of what fox farms says” and then you’ll get the ones that look at the ppm fox farms recommends and add more to equal the ppm. One thing I’ll add is have some Epsom salts ready for flowering. I have found the trio doesn’t have sufficient magnesium for flowering.


Agreed. From what I’ve noticed, some Cal/Mag (like Advanced Nutrients, not certain with FF Cal/Mag) has a good amount of Nitrogen as well, which is probably unwanted in the latter stages of flower. Epsom salt is a great alternative for magnesium at that point.