Foxfarm fertilizer vs Miracle-Gro

To experience cannabis growers.
I have questions about fertilizer.
I bought 5 Banana Kush from Robert B about a month ago. After a few newbie mistakes (this is my first time growing MMJ), I finally got all 5 looking healthy.

So far, I have used All Purpose Miracle-Gro (24-8-6) twice. After reading many posts online about fertilizer for cannabis, In general, cannabis growers seems to recommend and/or prefer to use Foxfarm’s fertilizer. I bought Foxfarm’s fertilizer from Amazon; 3 bottle set: Grow Big (6-4-4), Big Bloom (0, 05, 0.7) Tiger Bloom(2-8-4).

According to direction, Tiger Bloom is for a flowering period, but the other 2 (Grow Big and Big Bloom) is for seeding and Vegetate period.

My question is, why people prefer Foxfarm product vs Miracle-Gro? As far as required NPK ratio, it seems neither Grow Big nor Big Bloom doesn’t have enough NPK.

  1. Is Foxfarm’s fertilizer really better than Miracle-Gro?
  2. Is Grow Big (6-4-4), Big Bloom (0, 05, 0.7) enough NPK that plants need during vegetative growth period?
  3. Is Tiger Bloom (2-8-4) ok to use when it is the time for the flowering period?

I am really new to growing MJ, but I really need to grow it successfully to get RSO from it. So, any help would appreciate it. I live in the state MMJ is allowed. However, getting 60gram of oil, the amount needed for the treatment of cancer, is nearly impossible to buy. It is over the limit to buy it even if it is available at the dispensaries, not to mention the quality (THC and CBD contents) of oil.

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Keeping it short and simple, 24-8-6 is the same as something like 3-1-.8. The only real difference is the amount it’s applied in. That’s why it’s referenced as npk ratio. How much nitrogen is respect to how much phosphorus in respect to how much potassium. So 3-1-2 can be 6-2-4 or 30-10-20. The ratio of one to the others is still the same, one is just mixed in a stronger or weaker solution.

One of the biggest reasons miracle grow is frowned upon for cannabis, and well a lot of plants really, is because of how they make up their nitrogen base. A lot of their nitrogen ends up being in slow release form. So after you apply it, it kind of does what it does and gets jammed up in your growing medium whether you still want it there or not.

I wouldn’t go as far as to saying it won’t work for growing weed. Nor would I agree that a large portion of weed cultivators prefer fox farms. Fox farms is pretty inexpensive and super easy to get, probably the reason it’s as popular as it is. But I would agree that you’ll have a lot more resources and probably less trouble using fox farms instead of miracle grow.

The 3 part nutrients give you the flexibility to adjust those npk ratios to the stage of the plant. As to where you’re miracle grow wouldn’t have been as ideal for flowering stage as say following the ff schedule.


You explain it well and now I understand the difference. I just received the Foxfarm’s fertilizer, so I am going to switch out.
I didn’t expect to get the reply so fast. Thanks, dbrn32!


Well I will agree with @dbtn32 just said…I have used mg for years and years with results…not gonna say great just results…but with other nutes I did have good results with mg…first of all its cheap and when your on a budget it is way better than nothing…but a few years back I started using fox farm nutes and let’s just say I won’t use mg again unless it’s a money issue and when I get in that shape I’ll find another hobby…called a better paying job…point bring, mine anyhow is if you can afford fox farm’s nutes, or any others then that’s your best bet…


Thanks for your input, @sittingbull64 ! I will use Foxfarm from now on. I am growing just 5 plants and a few bottles that I bought will be enough, I am sure…
Until last month, I never even know what MJ plant looks like… talking about being a ‘newbie’… I learned so much past 4 weeks, but I realized book knowledge isn’t the same as knowledge gain from the experience. Not only growing MJ is new experience for me, I never grow anything inside the tent under artificial lights before.

I am watch it grow everyday and it is amazing how fast it grows.


You can read all you want, and pick up some great information. But you are 100% correct in that statement. Putting in the research time will help even more when you can apply what you learn hands on.


Sorry to hear about your health situation. If you think growing MJ is amazing now, just wait till you harvest your own plant. It’s a great hobby and quite addicting. I’ve been using Foxfarm for a few years now and I believe it’s a great product line. You really can’t go wrong with it.

Oh, and welcome to the forum, this is a great place to get your questions answered.


Thanks, @raustin.
Actually, it’s for my husband. He has brain tumor. First when we found out his tumor was back in 1999. He had his first brain surgery in 1999, then, 9 years later, we found out it grew back and required another surgery. So, he did. Thereafter, he had 3 more surgeries + 30 days of proton radiation therapy. Then, 3 years ago, tumor wouldn’t shrink and only option we had at the time was getting “Gamma Knife”. So, he got that done too. Just last year, he start having severe back aches and went through piles of testing/CT scans, biopsy, Pet Scan… found out that his brain tumor spread to his spine, ribs and other parts of bones (stage 4 cancer). He is on Chemo right now. For his condition, he is taking oral form of Chemo every 28 days. We were told by doctor that he will be on chemo the rest of his life. Last year, he was given 4-6 months to live. It’s been 18 months now and he is doing better. But, if cancer doesn’t kill him, chemo will, I am sure of it. He is on Chemo 5 days every 28 days. During those 5 days and about a week after, he is so tired and can’t do much other than going to work and come home and hit the bed.
Then, about a month ago, I learned many brain cancer patient is doing well with RSO…
So, here I am growing MMJ. If our state is allowed to grow MJ, it would be so much easier. But we are not there yet. But I don’t think I have a choice.

I didn’t realize MJ has so strong smell.:fearful: So, I am very nervous about growing MJ at home.


Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that, but your husband sounds like a real trooper. That’s a lot of treatment to go through for anyone. Some people do find a lot of relief from the side effects of chemo by using MJ, so that’s another aspect you can look at as well.

Yes, the smell! And it’s gonna get worse too. Whenever I harvest I stink up my entire building. You definitely want a good carbon air scrubber if you’re worried about smell. It’s no one’s business what you do.


Sorry to hear about your husband. I read you live in a state were its not yet legal I too live in a country tht it is ilegal so stealth is important. So the smellcan be strong but i got a carbon filter and fan it works wonders. You get what you pay for aswell there are so many products out there that can help you keep the smell to a minimum or very very low smell or none at all but you need to installa carbonn filter etc into your grow room. Depending on size of your room will also depend on sizeof fan and filter. You can buy full set up so you will get evdrything you require to fit it. And you will get lots of help and support on here.



I hope you don’t mind. But I copied and saved to my files in Soil what you just explained. I t was perfect. And if it’s ok with you I will use it when asked about these two soils and will give you the credit that’s well deservied.



Of course it’s ok, slightly flattered I had something make your files!


Yes fox farm is a better nutrient line imo then mg
And yes they will provide all nutrients to the plants if used as directed by mfg follow feeding and flushing schedule keep ph in 6.3-6.8 range and your plants will love you back :wink: :v:️ CB


Thank you for your kind words. He is doing remarkably well spiritually and physically so far.
May I ask if you can direct me to purchase good carbon filter to eliminate or minimize the smell?
I have one 5’x5’x8’ tent growing 4 plants and the one plant growing in 2’x2’x6’ tent.

I am glad ILGM provide forum like this so that newbie like me can get help and support from others as you said.

Image below shows what my plants are doing so far.

First photo shows skinny stem on each plants. This photo was taken 2 weeks after seeds placed in the soil.

Second photo was taken after research online, I found out the reason that plant was so stretched like mine is due to poor lighting situation. So, immediately, I bought 3 of LED grow light, 300w each and install in the tent directly above the plants along with 5, 100w cfl lights also point to the plants. In addition, I also transfer all plants in new pot buried the stem. I am using total 3 of 300watts LED Grow Lights (900watt total) and 500 watts (5 of CFL 100 watts)

Third photo was taken just couple of days ago. The new light system must be working. It is growing nicely now. It seems like it is growing inch per day.

By the way, how do you guys upload photos here, so that all photos will show? I am using imgur and it doesn’t show all photos and when click on the photos, it goes to imgur site to view them all.




Look where I circulated one of thise two buttons will let you upload pictures

Amazon has good deals on fliers and fans

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Sorry to hear about your husband but we have a few cancer patients here as well that use mmj. Your plants are stretching, you need to lower your lights and prop those tall link plants up. You can shove anything into your medium and take a bread tie and loosely wrap it so it don’t fall. When you transplant just bury the xtra stem to 1 inch from your 2 round feeder leaves. You also need a fan to circulate air and you want to give the girls a little breeze just so they dance in the breeze to strengthen the stem to hold all those glorious buds

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Here a fan and filter combo they sell the carbon filters separately if you already have a exhaust fan set up
Fir your small tent a 4 inch set up would be fine
Sorry about your husbands situation
If i can assist you letme know


@Sirsmokes, @Countryboyjvd1971 , Thank you both for the suggestion.
I have 3 fans, 1 small heater (only 250watt heater) and humidifier on lowest setting - running in 1 larger tent and 1 fan running on the small tent. Temp is at 77-80 most of the times and RH is between 40-50 with this setup. Lights are all on auto timer 18/6 schedule at the moment.
@Countryboyjvd1971, thanks for the link to buy carbon filter.

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In what order should you use the fox farm trio?

Sorry to hear about your husband. We are growing as my wife has multiple myeloma and marijuana has been a godsend, we would not have made it through her stem cell transplant without it. I just don’t trust the legal products here in Florida. Call me paranoid but…
Good luck on your grow and with your husband, stay strong!