Fox Farms vs. Speedy Veg - ILGM Gold Leaf comparison Journal 04/27/18



Awesome it’s a strain I’d like to grow in the future… then again there’s so many I want to try it’ll take me a lifetime. I need to find more local people to swap strains with.


Thats where I get a lot of my seeds I have even picked up some good ones on ebay. Thats where the Grape Ape came from.


Nice I’ve got a seed supplier nearby that carries a massive amount of different seed banks plus their own private label stuff. The price makes it where I can’t beat it. I’ve got 9 strains, 35 seeds total and I spent less than $200 on all of them.


Here is a pic of one Grape Ape I took this evening.


I think the ones I got on ebay were $3.00 each free shipping.


That’s not bad at all. Probably about the best you can find for good seeds.


I thought they were a good find.


The cal-mag people have a line of cane-sugar sweeteners with the esters from different fruit. I got the “Sweet Grape” to try on one of two granddaddy purple I have going to see if it’s worth it.


Hmm I haven’t seen that yet. Is it on Amazon?



This aught to make you :blush: @Happy_Pappy

Starting them in the nursery then out they go.
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Very nice!


Just another stormy day in California.

The girls weathered a lightning storm last night.