Fox Farms vs. Speedy Veg - ILGM Gold Leaf comparison Journal 04/27/18



Very nice! Congratulations on the harvest!


Thanks Speedy seems to have more buds just not as large as Foxy. The scale will be the final judge. Have a wonderful evening!


Very nice. It grows itself.


As well as seeing if there is a flavor or potency difference!


Awesome job my friend, I hadn’t had the chance to check out the grow, but looks like you’ve got a great looking pair of colas my friend. Happy for you @smitty87


Here are a few pics of the girls in full flower more. The BOM possibility is near 7 foot tall and has some really good color. Here they are enjoy!

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Excellent and impressive.:+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Grape Ape looks very interesting, would be fun to try.


Please add me also. Thank you. Great job!


Anyone got experience with General Organics nut’s?


I will add you and welcome. Thanks for the thumbs up on the grow. Any questions and I will do my best to answer them. Ask any time. I don’t have any experiance with general organics. I use fox farms and Golden tree yo Humbolts Secret My choice of nutes.


Here are a couple of pics of the Auto I planted 5/6/18 almost ready for the harvest.

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Thank you very interesting grow! Im in MA with outdoors still going strong. 5 started from seed 7/6. 2 others that i started early, but got eaten by my Great Dane. Even those 2 came back and and going strong.


Very nice grow looks like you got a good handle on it!


We’ll see. Lots of rain here in MA. NO sign of anything bad. Hoping for 5 more good weeks.


Looking frosty @smitty87 goodjob my friend


Beautiful my friend. So whats your decision on nutes? F farms or spediveg?


That is a difficult question. The Fox Farms is great for producing huge colas and buds. The SpeedyVeg produced more buds and sugarleaf but the buds are smaller. So I have to say that it depends. As far as volume of product the SpeedyVeg is superior for that. I used that plant for edibles worked great and there was a lot of it. As for smoking the herb and the visual aspect Fox Farms produces fatter sweeter ans oilier buds. So again it just depends on what you are going for. Bottom line (for me) unless I plan on making a huge amount of edibles I will skip the SpeedyVeg. I don’t see the extra cost worth it unless you want a lot of sweetleaf and don’t mind smaller buds. My vote goes for Fox Farms as my go to nute combos. @Laurap


All of your grow was stunning to watch! Fox farms is hard to beat. What all of ff products did you use?


I’m using general organics. Thinking of using FF. Weighing the cost. Any thoughts out there?