Fox Farms vs. Speedy Veg - ILGM Gold Leaf comparison Journal 04/27/18



Thank you.


Well too add to everything else now there are fires burning in the area and we are on a smoke advisory due to the fires. Keeps getting better and better. Thankfully the fires are n not too close right now. Light winds at this point but back in 2003 it started like this and turned into a fire storm and took out 231 homes in my area. We will see.


It’s getting closer beginning to really smell the smoke now. Looks like it might be a rough night. @highcountrygal @Happy_Pappy @Mrcrabs


@smitty87 good luck brother! Not sure what else to say…hope you stay safe, everything else is replaceable.


Thanks, it is still quite a ways away. At this point just staying vigilant watching the news updates and hoping the Santa Ana winds don’t start. I think as long as the winds don’t start we will be ok. It’s 9:45 and everything is calm right now. @DaGoose


Thanks to the fire fighters here in California this is what we woke up to. Great job guys!

No more worries.
@highcountrygal @Happy_Pappy @Mrcrabs


Hey Meat Head where have you been hiding? My guess is in the connex or Porta Potty. Maybe under a rock? Have a great day brother! :rofl: @Happy_Pappy


Some people are cursed and have to work. Better than living off of the system, I suppose.


I wouldn’t call being blessed with a good paying job being cursed. I wish I could get up in the morning the middle of the night for that matter and go be productive somewhere. Count your blessings, and pray your health remains good so you can continue being ( in your words) cursed. @Happy_Pappy I suppose living off the system is better for some. As for me having to use what little retirement savings I have to survive is still a blessing. Have a great day Meat Head.


@Happy_Pappy , I feel blessed to smoke at work then come home and smoke some more, yeee haaaww, I’m still counting them blessings @smitty87


See @Happy_Pappy Mrcrabs has the right attitude. Get with the program Meat Head. :joy: @Mrcrabs


I didnt say I was cursed. And where did you get this, good paying stuff at? @smitty87. @Mrcrabs, that looks like some fine right there! Nice cultivating. Your my hero. Nt you Smith. Damn Polock.


I guess I did say cursed. Correction. Not rich. Handsome though.


Hey Happy, handsome??? If I had a dog with a face like yours. I’d shave it’s butt and teach it to walk backwards. (LOL) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh yea. You really got me good on that one.