Fox farms trio question

Any Fox Farms trio users maybe help with a question? I am growing 3 Gorilla Glue autos outside in 3 gal fab pots. They have now started pre flower. My question is should I stop using grow big and start using tiger bloom in its place or just reduce the amount of grow big for less N. Or continue to use big bloom, grow big and tiger bloom together in the same amounts i used in veg?

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I don’t know what soil you’re in, or have experience growing outdoors.

I use the trio, indoor and use FF soils.

According to the feed chart using their soils, keep using N for a few more weeks.


My grow medium is Sunshine advanced mix #4. Pretty sure its peat and coir and perlite.

Am confident you will hear from am outdoor, auto grower using the trio.

You could head over to FF website, do some research, if you haven’t. Again I don’t have much experience about your style.
@SKORPION is an indoor auto grower, does some great work, and I think he used the Trio.

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I follow the schedule and if it’s a long grow, just continue the last feeding amount for the following weeks. See in week ten grow big isn’t on there.

Go ahead and move to the flowering schedule of big bloom and tiger bloom

the chart that zee posted is the schedule. You can do it with 3 nutes only, but the dirty dozen goes a long way. This is gospel. This is the schedule that i use every week, Easy tracking of her schedule as well. Do half the recommended dose to prevent nutrient burning or and prevent the need to flush.


I’m using that schedule too. I’ve only been feeding once per week. Says you can do up to two times for best results but I’m concerned I’ll burn them. How many times a week are you feeding?

Twice a week

I’m in 10gal cloth pots, FFOF soil, outdoor photos, using the trio and the water solvable bloom trio as well. I feed every 3 days, along with calmag and have only stopped using grow big on my plant that seems to be about week 4-5 flower, plants haven’t been suffering any burn, but there’s a LOT of hungry plant :grin:

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Do you feed every time or water feed water feed with half nutes?

I only dose once a week at have the recommended dose. I used to feed twice a week, but experienced nute burn and flushing takes time when using soil. So…

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I feed once a week and water half way through the week.

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Fox farms has several different feeding schedules in the catalog. Soil, hydro, and others as well. LMK if you would like to see another schedule.

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I am using the soil feeding schedule.

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