Fox farms nutrients

I am a beginner and have fox farms nutrients,my question is does anyone use this product and have success with it.if not is there something out there that’s better that I should use

I’m a steady FF user it works good. But my end results are not as good as Roberts pics, so i want to try his nutes.

I’ve always stuck to the basics for over 40+ years of growing.I’ve grown some darn nice plants in my day.just using a high nitrogen(20-10-10) nute for vegetative growth,then cut back to a bloomer(0-10-10 or 0-20-10) nute,for bud break.
Call me old school,but I have had great results doing it this way.


Thanks for the advice guys.also I’ve seen other people talking about fox farms being very “strong” and saying that you should only use half the recommended you guys believe this to be true.also I’m new to the site so I don’t know how to get to the pics you are talking about beastcc.

In the seed shop pics.
Those colas look like football’s on sticks. I uset 7 to 10 gallon pots and if the medium is too moist I’ll wait a day to water or feed em. I have over done it in the past that’s the only problem I had. The surface of the medium should be dry after 2 days when you are on FF 2 day cycles.Their feeding schedule makes it very simple. You’ll find what works best for you but I Cut out the big bloom on the first 2 weeks of 12hours. Other than that I follow their schedule.

I use all the foxfarm products from the soil all the way through the grow.

If you’re using “hot” soil (hot means prefilled with nutrients like Ocean Forest or Happy Frog.) no nutes till flowering.

Then I use 1/2 strength. I use the chart, mix half the teaspoons per gallon and only nute once a week or every other watering. For me personally, I like the system and purchase the soil fresh each time. My wife gets the used stuff for her outside garden and everybody just marvels at how pretty her flowers are.

Now, that said, occasionally I do live dangerously and use a 1/1 ratio, but that’s usually the next feeding after a sledgehammer flush.

Is there something better? It’s likely, but once I find something that works, I hate to experiment.