Fox Farms Nutes Trio... what to use in bloom?



I have some autoflowers. Six of them. They have had nothing but the Fox Farms Happy Frog and Ocean Forest soils to live on until now, but now they are rapidly becoming depleted. I just received some nutes for them in the mail today, whew. (I’m a first time grower, and I thought that the soil alone was supposed to carry them all the way through, but apparently that is NOT the case!) :flushed::flushed::flushed: Ooops.

They are WELL into flowering. They are still alive, but obviously malnourished.

They sprouted on March 7th, were doing quite well, and they range from 8-20 inches tall! I haven’t fed them ANY nutes yet, because I didn’t know I was supposed to. Then just recently, I noticed the buds weren’t growing any more, and I also noticed some yellowing on the leaves of two of the plants. Did some research, and… yep…

Found out… duhhh…

They. Need. Food!!!

So I need to feed them. I have the “FF” trio. What should I feed them today? Here’s what I’ve got:

Grow Big
Buds & Blooms
Big Bloom

Any help is more than welcome. Thank you!!!


The saddest two plants, but also, somehow miraculously, the tallest! A couple feet tall.

The others still look pretty healthy, but yep, time for foooood!!!


Living and learning… :seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::heart:


My first grow journal is called “Bel’s Green Babies,” for ALL the info about my grow! Please feel free to follow along and give me any advice you see that might have been overlooked.


I need it.

Thanks and Blessed Be.

Some of the others, healthier than the other two, but still, a bit stunted. :disappointed:

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Okay perfect.

So they are about eight weeks, and it looks like I’ll need a bit of all three, for at least couple of weeks.

Thanks for the chart, and the quick reply!!! That makes it so much easier!


Perhaps they’ll live.


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how are they doing now?

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Much better, actually! I can see some real buds forming on them… even though they may have gotten started much later than I’d hoped. Some of the pistils are already turning amber… and though they don’t look like some of the lush, beautiful plants I see others share in here, but I think they are coming along.

I took some pix yesterday… let me see if I can pull a few up.

If you aren’t giving them calmag yet you might want to start. I had a calcium deficiency show up around week 9 I think. I’m growing in ocean forest and using tge fox farm nutes too.

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