Fox Farms Feeding Schedules

On the Fox Farms Site, they have a number of schedules; Cultivation Nation Two Part, Cultivation Nation Three Part, Happy Frog and Soil. But I didn’t see information on how to determine which schedule to follow. Any guidance? Thanks in advance.

What medium are you growing in and which line of FF are you using? If you are in soil; use one of the soil schedules but don’t start for at least 6 weeks. If in coco you want to run at around 900 ppm in veg and 1,100 ppm (NACL scale) in flower. FYI most of their grow schedules are in 700 scale and not 500 (NACL) scale.


I am currently in my first grow. I am giving some thought to my next grow. All of those schedules are for soil but I don’t see any information about the differences or how to chose. My next grow will be Gelato Autos from ILGM. Thanks

What medium are you using? Which FF products are you using? Need info to be able to help.

You will see on line 4 the PPM scale is 700. Be sure whatever TDS meter you use is set for the correct scale. You want 1.8 EC or 900 ppm (500 scale) or 1,200 ppm (700 scale). This is for soil.

Soil grows require no supplements until plant goes into flower. Using nutes too early will actually slow down and possibly harm plants.


Originally I planned to use Happy Frog; so I looked at the Happy Frog schedule. It includes a very large number of products which on Amazon totals close to $300.

So, I wanted to consider an alternative soil / schedule but can’t figure out the differences between the schedules; which schedule is for which situation. Looks like they all have a large number of products.


Here is the updated ff chart. The one above is a older gen.

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I use to use FF nutrients the Trio Big bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom. IMO the rest is just window dressing. I’ve since switched to Jacks 321 much easier and cheaper.


If you haven’t purchased nutes I’d suggest going to Jack’s. It’s the most economical nutrient line out there and there are many growers on here using it (including myself).

If you look at the FF schedule it’s color-coded. The top rows in green would be your base nutes and can do a grow with just those three using that schedule.


With the three Fox Farm bloom products, do use them per the FF schedule or do you have your own schedule? Thanks

When I used the FF Trio I started with 1/4 dose and increased it to 1/2 dose and watched them. The only other thing I gave them was Cal-Mag.

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Can you guys share the link for the jack nutes u use? I also on first grow already have the FF trio so will use that for now, then switch over to jacks when I need to re-up.

As far as this grow goes (seeds coming tomorrow!!!) I am using FF Happy Frog, the FF trio and FF CalMag Purple Punch AUTO. As a general guideline should I just follow the feeding schedule from weeks 6-12? Just regular water first 5 weeks, then start 25% @ week 6. When do you think step up to 50%?

I get mine off of e-bay 6lb kit @greenAF

And u think if I’m starting with happy frog soil that’s all I will need as far as nutes go? All the other stuff is just to boost fert companies bottom line? :grin:

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Yes, when I was growing in soil I used FF Happy frog and FF Ocean Forrest layered it would last me 4-5 weeks before I had to add the FF trio.

Here’s one I harvested in August: Jack’s with MKP, Autopots and coco.

That was a 10 oz plant.