Fox farms Coco loco?

Was thinking about using Fox farms Coco loco for my next growing media anybody have any thoughts on that or has anybody used it thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated

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Im not a fan of cocoloco. If u wanna try coco shoot for canna coco. Total innert. It has in it what u put in it. Full dose nutes from the start woth jacks 321. Id say canna coco. Like 22 bucks maybe cheaper online for a 40l brick

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What is your watering schedule like I like the thought of the cocoa but not having to water a couple times a day it seems Coco loco would hold a little more water why did you not like it what was the bad

Just ordered four from HTG. $88 for 4 including shipping

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If you do go with it, treat it like soil when you ph. You don’t want to ph it as coco coir.

Have you used it before

What about mother’s Earth cocoa and perlite anybody use that

That’s the one I’ve been using for a while now (with GH Flora trio & cal-mag) without complaint. Does need the daily feeding though. Cultivation Nation is Fox Farm equivalent if you prefer.

Why not ph camna coco as nnot soil i always set ph to 5.7. Or 6.8 and never a problem if ph raises it does damage.

I was talking about the coco loco. If he goes with coco loco to make sure to ph it as soil.

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Oh maybe thats what hapoened with me and the loco. I phd to 5.8 and man was it bad.

I am using coco and Jack’s 321 for the first time. And, I used Mother’s Earth 5KG Coco brick. The texture is good with a good mix of strands and pith. I did strain it slightly to remove some finer pith. I also rinsed it and buffered with CalMag. I found their website mother-earthproducts^.^com a little confusing versus what is listed on amazon’s mother earth products store. The 5KG bale is not described on their website. Only the bagged products are described. In these descriptions it says it prebuffered and ph adjusted.
The bale description on amazon only says it is washed. So, I washed and buffered to be on the safe side. I followed coco for cannabis procedures for this process. I still initially had to add calmag even though I treated the coco.
The plants are doing well in it.

With that said, I am trying the Canna Coco bricks for the next grow. Prices are similar and it is recommended by Cocoforcannabis. Only way to find out if I have a preference.
I am able to hydrate, wash, and dry the coco outside. If I was unable to do it this way I would buy the loose bag products.

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Other than not wanting to water as often I can’t understand why anyone would choose anything but coco unless its just not available. These are 4 and 3 weeks old and low maintenance and thriving. Coco and jacks
I put the paper towels in there to soak up the runoff and as it evaporates it adds to humidity

You can’t see it in the picture but it is in a sub-irrigated bucket. I pour 2 or 3 liters through a 1" pvc and she is good for a couple of days. It’s sister is in an autopot with coco