Fox farm with auto plants

How long will fox farm ocean forest Nutes last before I need to feed or will I need to at all? Using captured rain water. Since autos grow so quick I don’t want to over feed.

Ocean Forest has about 5 weeks of food in it already. But might be a little hot to start in. I’ve started all of mine in Happy Frog the transplanted to Ocean.

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Depending how much u water them 3 to 5 weeks. Ive grown start to finish in ffof with minimal issues. Ull be good in it the whole time as long as u dont drench the soil to release a ton of nutes to it while small. Good luck.


I check run off every feeding for ppm and ph. I’m using ffof on 3 plants and all 3 sometimes ppm comes up different.

I run 3 -4 them 1/3 dose and by week 4 im at 1/4 then for 2 weeks 1/4 strength. Few shots of full as going into transition. Works for me. Happy growing tall