Fox Farm trio use question


I have ordered the Foxfarm trio and will start using it when it arrives. I have their feeding schedule and amounts per gallon PDF but do have a question about that. As I understand it the Grow Big is used during vegetation and the Tiger Bloom during flower with the Big Bloom during both. So my question is this: When I mix the proper amount of Grow Big in with a gallon of water can I add the Big Bloom in the same gallon or does it need to be in a separate gallon?

My plants are fem white widows in week 3 of veg. state.

Also on the chart there is EC and PPM. PPM I know means parts per million but I don’t know what EC refers to.


Mix together, per gallon, everything for the week you’re in. PH after mixing nutes, as it will go way down.

I would recommend you start at 25%-50% of what it says.

EC = The electrical conductivity of water estimates the total amount of solids dissolved in water -TDS, which stands for Total Dissolved Solids. TDS is measured in ppm (parts per million) or in mg/l

EC is what your TDS meter is using to calculate TDS. Not every meter uses the same calculation so there are meter to meter variances.


Just a little note on ff liquid trio which I use as well
I found that I need to add cal mag to the mix as well
FYI might want to have some on hand
I also read others having to do the same thing
@Matthew420 gave good advice :+1:
Happy growing :v:️️CB


Thanks for the info guys. I also ordered FoxFarm Bushdoctor Flowers Kiss to use for foliage feeding. Do you also feel that should be used at less than recommended strength?


I’ve never used it myself @maineguy
Maybe @Matthew420 has ? @Oldstoner you use fox farm ever use the flower kiss from fox farm ?


Never used it, just the trio. Sorry. Sounds fun though.


Start off at 1/4 strength other then that you should be great ive been using Fox Farms products from day one also i recommend
The three powder supplements for flower they really pump up the buds from my experience
Opean Sesame
Breastee Bloomz
Cha Chig
With all fox farms products a little gos along way


Always start slow with any nutrient see how the plant takes it work up from there over weeks or a month is how i go about getting to full strength


No I haven’t even heard of it CB I use the wet and dry trio from ff and my medium is ocean forest. This grow is getting a little out of control I was forced to transplant a second time right as the girls were going into transition to flower. And I have only fed them once but this grow I am using the Nector for the Gods line of nutrients when I do start regular feedings. Also what @Brian091180 said about going slowly at first is advice to follow religiously just in case and really it goes for any changes you make from adjustments in nutrients to bringing lights closer changing your lighting schedule by 20 or 30 minutes every other day until your at 12 12 . Happy Grows


"changing your lighting schedule by 20 or 30 minutes every other day until your at 12 12 "

I’ve not heard about doing that before and would love to hear some opinions. It would certainly be more like nature but my feeling regarding the indoor grow is that it’s designed to improve on nature so the question is: Is an abrupt change from 18-6 to 12-12 better than a gradual change?


That’s a good question brother I’m curious of an answer on that
I’ve never heard of doing this
@Majiktoker have you have you heard of this [quote=“Oldstoner, post:9, topic:8974”]
changing your lighting schedule by 20 or 30 minutes every other day until your at 12 12 . Happy Grows

Would this be beneficial?


Doing that is matching mother nature but I would disagree with every day. It takes 2 weeks to drop 30 minutes of light outdoor in the summer time. So in doing so if you could drop 30 minutes off every other week yes this could absolutely be beneficial, and cause your plants to grow quicker @Countryboyjvd1971 also when you watch and study light outside by natural sun in from spring to summer you raise a max of 2 1/2 minutes a day and when you start heading towards winter you lose that time fast hence the minutes you gain going into summer drop 2x faster heading into winter and you start loosing 5 minutes each day


So should I start to do this with my grow now
I’m not feeding them anymore just ph water
My tricombes are milky now ? I might have a week two at most I think or is it to late to benefit @Majiktoker
And thanks for the response bro


I added an edit re-read the bottom parts
And if your at 10-14 you can decrease one more hour, as in winter time you’ll get to 9 hours maximum light or 9 1/2 one of the two @Countryboyjvd1971, and its likely to late this time but try it on your next grow


Ok so one more question and I’ll stop picking your brain for a bit lol
How early would you start to decrease your light pattern ?


At 4 weeks old from seed, start on 18/6 four weeks later drop it to 17.5/7.5 and after that first change do it every 2 weeks for the rest of the grow gradually working towards flower, and she will be well old enough and mature enough to do so @Countryboyjvd1971, and your fine thats why im here if you have a question ask bro


Thanks again brother I know that’s why your here and try to respect the fact your a busy guy and helping a lot of other as always I appreciate you taking the time to answer me
:v:️️ CB


Yup my pleasure, I gotta get back to work ill be back in a couple hours on my next break