Fox farm to coco a good idea?

Been growing in fox farm o f for a couple years. Been thinking I want to try coco but don’t know much about growing in it. Been using ff nutes also, very different with coco yes? What are the benefits? What are the biggest differences? Hoping some of you experienced coco growers can clue me in. Thanks.


I just switched from ffof to coco using jacks 321 and I love it so far!


Nutrients not so much, although coco requires you to be on point with calcium. The fox farms coco loco is amended im pretty sure, so more like a soil than an inert coco grow. I would say if you want true coco experience to run a straight coco or something like 70/30 coco perlite blend that isn’t amended.

In a perfect world, inert coco would be more like a hydroponic grow than what you are typically use to in soil. Faster veg growth, problems can come on quick but also usually be correct quickly. You won’t want to let coco dry out like is often recommended on soil grow, and you won’t want to have scheduled water only days. You can probably skip a day feeding when young, but once plants mature is more like feeding to runoff daily.

People who can get a handle on this and disregard all of their soil growing methods usually love coco. But if you have a hard time leaving old habits behind may not be for you. I would also say that hand feeding daily is a lot for some. So if you’re not prepared to do that or have system to do it, may not be for you. If none of that scares you, just make sure it’s rinsed and buffered before planting in it, and you will probably like it.


@dbrn32 hit the nail on the head there.