Fox farm soils and nutrients


@Covertgrower is awesome, and one of the most helpful people I have found on the forum. There are many others too, but for me covertgrower has been a life saver. If @Covertgrower asks to see a pic, you would be helping yourself to show one.


@Kyliegirl146 what I meant by taking your word for it, was the picture you posted was not In natural light, and I’m unable to tell from the pictures you posted. I’m always happy to help, but the picture you posted is difficult to discern from what you were asking about.
I apologize I came across as uptight, I am anything but that.
If you upload a different picture in natural light, we can reassess it. We just want to make sure you get help when you ask. :v:
Happy growing. :smiley: :seedling:

Thanks for the kind words @Docnraq i appreciate that, glad you tagged me, never meant the post to be uptight. :pensive:


I got this! I checked tonight after light came on they are like and little more than half cloudy. I have nothing to take close up trichomes. But I think by the date of next week one will b ready. Do you have any idea if I should leave plant in dark 24 hrs before harvest. Sry if I took ur comment the wrong way. But everyone I talk to is uptight one way or another. Let’s face it everybody has been up tight this past year and in my state no reason to b we’ve been open and running the whole time. Ppl just are angry. Idk

This is optional, some do some don’t. I personally just try to chop it before lights on. :sunny: :seedling:

No worries.

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Hey evenin,
All trichomes are cloudy. Do I have to wait til some are amber? I screwed up my last grow and harvested early. It was okay but not as good as it could have been.

If you have pictures it’ll be easier to guide. Not all strains end up with amber. I do try to get some amber in there.

I have these but my camera isn’t very good


When 85% of those white pistils turn brown most of the trichomes should be white. Every strain is different, but continue checking.


Happy Cannaday brother… :wink::partying_face::green_heart:

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Thanks @peachfuzz !

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I have some autos soaking. I’ve already had 3 that have been in a box since March and I soaked them for 24 hrs,had little white tail. Planted it in happy frog about half inch from surface, covered it w a little soil and put a dome on it and put it on dryer in laundry room bc there’s humidity and it’s hot out there. Nothing. Then I dropped some newer dark purple autos in water and my friend said to soak 24 hrs and put them in damp paper towels in a Ziploc. I’m horrible at this part. I’ve used rapid rooters in the past with no luck. They get to wet and retain too much water so these last 2 I soaked and planted put them in solos w a dome and they popped. But I’m not good at this part at all. HELP!!

Temperatures are important too. They’ll sprout a little slower if they under 75°F but they’ll still sprout. Just put the ziplock bag on your cable box, and keep everything high humidity, and moist. They’ll get going.

I live in a hot humid state. I put the bags in a cardboard to keep it dark put them in heat prob 85 out and it’s real humid so they should b good. I must b doing something wrong when they are planted bc they just dt grow. This has been a problem for me for years. Is happy frog ok? Can u give me so.e ideas. U seem to b right on point. Please help me

Yes happy frog is an excellent starting soil.
As long as you put the sprout in the soil 3/8-1/4” down, oversee loosely with soil, with a dome, it should be good to go. Soil should be moist, but not saturated.