Fox farm soils and nutrients

Can I just use chi ching without liquid nutes? My friend said just to use mollasses for the last couple weeks. There’s too much info out there. I have another cpl weeks may be after Thanksgiving i should start flushing?

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You can use molasses in addition to Cha-Ching.


@LandShark i have 1 plant that leaves are dying, it has a nice bud on it. I’m flushing it now. Trichomes are mostly all cloudy w only a cpl amber. Can I take it out of direct lighting so the dying leaves slow down. I believe the light is just making leaves dry out quicker. Will plant get more amber by doing this? I also dt want the to degrade. Next time I’m gonna have to do more training so plant stays lower to ground. Light is already almost 8 ft high. Happy belated Turkey Day!

Hey there @Kyliegirl146 looking good. Thumbs up stay the course doing very well. Good peeps around to ask @Covertgrower


@Covertgrower I want to try Jack’s 321 w bloom booster. I have one plant that foxtailed bc it got too hot. But in this hot state its finally winter. So I have now thru may bc I grow autoflowers in summer sometimes. I was reading a thread and it said u use jacks 321. Will I have burn issues? I use ffof should I try using something else w Jack’s?

I have a hint of nutrient burn, but only on the plants in FFOF. Coco is an excellent medium for jacks. I had a few plants that the ph was off. Flush and reset, and it’s doing fine. You can run it in FFOF, just feed a little later. @Kyliegirl146 ask away if you have more questions.


Ur awesome thank you! be safe.


@Kyliegirl146 i run ffof its little hot the soil like @Covertgrower said feed 30 days about. Let plant speak to you. Happy growing. Toke :up:


@Covertgrower I have trouble with seeds sprouting. I’ve put 3 seeds in water on heating pad and covered. I use rapid rooters and 3 just died they sprouted then died. They are store bought seeds. Seedman I think. I have trouble w seeds popping and getting thru than tiny seedling stage. Can u help me maybe I’m doing something wrong. I always have trouble in this stage. Can u help me please!

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We will get you growing. Can I have pictures of your set up?

So let’s skip the soaking in water part, and go directly to moist paper towel. Some seeds I have had difficulty soaking, they’ll sprout, but never make it farther.
It takes slightly longer on the moist paper towel method, but they seem to do better.


@Covertgrower sorry I didn’t see this message. I’ve been waiting for u to get back to me. Now I have to seedlings in sad shape i always have trouble at this part. But I dt want to keep spending money I dt have on seeds.
I use a closet bc I have kiddies in the house. I’ll send pictures. It’s nothing extravagant. The wires hanging get tied up but I’m curing a couple jars. Hopefully I’m doing it right

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Are you using a seedling mat or a heating pad for humans? I noticed my heating pad for humans got way to warm for seeds, even on low. I put a plastic cutting board on top of my heating pad and it keeps the temp closer to 75°
Just an FYI I don’t want ya cooking seeds wether in a moist towel or water.
Happy sprouting & growing :v::green_heart:

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I used a piece of cardboard. Same principle.


@GreenJewels I put seeds in a cup on a heating mat and covered it. Then when it got a Iittle tail i put it in rapid rooter the big side down bc I dt use a tray. I use a locking container ill include a picture. I spray inside bottom and top. I put it on a mat bc I live in florida and its been chilly and we use space heaters not central heat. House was a summer house. Anyway I put it on a seedling mat and a CFL over top. They grow but they then die. I hate this part bc I’m not got at it.

I just need a better way to do this.

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I would recommend some sort of buffer so they’re not on direct contact with the heat.

@Covertgrower these are plants that were in that set up

I open door during the day while lights are on but that’s in the summer. Right now its cool so I can grow a fem strain. I have about 5 months before it gets hot again. It’s easier to make area warm than to kool it down. So im trying to grow 1 blue or fem and a gelato. They are harvested 2 weeks apart. I use co2 bc I can’t put a exhaust fan. Please just tell how to get seedlings to stop dying? Please!

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Does anybody kno anything about jacks 321. I dt kno what else to use. Babies are in solo cups in ffof. I will replant in the same.

@Kyliegirl146 FFOF, is good for at least 3 weeks of veg. You’re okay there.
Jacks is available through their website, and amazon.
You’ll need part A and Part B, epsom salt you can pick up from the store just about anywhere.

So part A is the Jack’s Hydroponics(5-12-26)
Part B is the Calcium Nitrate bag(15-0-0)
And any bag of Epsom salt works for the third part.

Per gal mixture is
3.6g of Part A
2.4g of Part B
1.2g of Epsom salt

You have to mix them in order of operations so you take your bucket of water and put in the part A and the Epsom salt then stir til completely dissolved. Once that’s completely dissolved you add in the Part B, stir til dissolved…then ph to 6.0 in hydro or 6.5 in soil.


@Covertgrower I have a question. I bought a 2x2x2 clone tent for my seedlings bc we have cats and they were eating them,mostly leaves. So now I’m fixing my grow closet so they can’t get in. So right now I have a blue og fem. It’s bout 6 inches high. Bout 2 weeks old. I got a heating mat bc it’s been cold even thou I live in a warm state. We have no heat. And I bought a thermostat digital controller. I find it hard to use. It doesn’t control mat temp bc light is on so it gets much hotter than it should and nothing seems to lower temp. The wholes for exhaust are set up different than reg tent. I have a fan in there a small 600w led light. Bc I dt have any other kind of light. It’s prob making that lol tent too hot. How do I lower temp? It dt seem to bother much but my Alaskan purple is not growing in soil is it bc it’s too hot?

Sorry I’m behind on tags. What are the temperatures?
Usually 80-85 is ideal, but I’ve had my temps creep up to 90 before. As long as you have humidity supporting the temps, you’ll be fine.
If it’s still too hot, I would recommend a fan set up, or running a vent from the other tent. Not sure of your set up. @Kyliegirl146