Fox Farm soil and nutrients

I mixed 50L Happy Frog with 48L of FFOF soil, it works out to 5 5gal pots.
If the OF has nutrients in it and does not need nutrients added to it for a few weeks do I start my FF nutrients from the week I am in at that time to the feeding schedule for that week?
Thank You in advance for your time.


The norm is usually 4-6 weeks no nutes, from what I understand. Read your plants. They will tell you when they are hungry. :v:


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Just monitor your runoff ppm of the soil. Once the ppms drop below 1000ppm you can pick up in the feeding schedule with wherever your at in your grow.


Between 4 to 6 weeks is standard for brand new FFOF soil. Happy Frog I have never used. :+1:

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