Fox Farm outdoor grow

How do I adjust the Fox Farm feeding schedule to an outdoor grow? The schedule they provide has you using the flowering stage nutrients when switched to 12 hour lighting, but I am growing photoperiod plants under the sun. I guess I am not sure what would be considered the first week of flowering. Currently my girls are stretching and preflowers with many pistils are everywhere. So should I be starting the week one flowering stage of Fox Farm schedule now?


Keep going with veg schedule until you see flowers forming. Probably only a couple more weeks.


Wait, sorry, just read the WHOLE topic. If they are forming buttons, burts of pistils at the end of the branches, jump to flower schedule.


Ok, thanks. That is what I kind of had in mind. Certainly when you switch to 12hr lighting you don’t start seeing buds right away, even though the FF schedule has you starting Tiger Bloom at that time. I’m feeding tomorrow, so will start adding in the Tiger Bloom, but maybe at half the amount suggested. When I research ‘start of flowering’ a whole range of opinions come up as to what actually constitutes the first week. Thanks for confirming.

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I agree with @Borderryan22 if you are seeing pistols and your plants are showing button on the top of stems it’s time for bloom nutrients. Pictures would be helpful :blush::v:


No buttons at top yet, but plenty of pistils everywhere. Much more than just a week ago. I’ll see if I can’t take some pictures this evening. Thanks.

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Plant is tall now, so not easy to get pictures. But here is the top and a picture from the side. It’s the top that looks different than some I have seen that were posted as first week of flowering. Would you say it’s in flowering stage now? Thanks.

You can start your flowering nutes now. Hopefully u got the dry trio as well.

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Ok, thanks. I actually have the full dirty dozen kit. Have had to purchase larger bottles of the grow big, big bloom and tiger bloom. Haven’t used the tiger yet, but knew I would be needing more. I’m a beginner to this, so next year I’ll be a bit better prepared. So far, I think everything has done well though.

Foxfarm for outdoor works great. You can go to the flower schedule at your stage now. I start as soon as the buds start, I’m alwaus hoping it encourages them to get going stacking and fattening the buds.

I tried the top dressing or dry foxfarm nutes this year…it was good in veg but I feel it started lacking going into flower. Plus dry stuff takes a long time to take affect. The bottled water soluable nutes are quicker to be used by the plants. So its faster to address deficiency with the liquid nutrients.

Just my thoughts, many folks have their own way…thats why I experiment every season…but back at it with the FF trio, cal mag, kelp, maeral.

Oh and this year I started using compost tea once a week, the shit you brew with oxygen stones. Plants seem to like it. The prep is 24hrs… but they seem to like it…


Very nice! :sunglasses:

I wish I could grow on our deck, it’s large and gets plenty of sun. But I have a daughter and visitors that has me growing stealthy. I live on a mountainside, so my property is steep. I had to put together a make shift deck so my pots can sit level. I hope I have something to show at the end for this ride.