Fox farm or advanced nutrients?

First i just wanna say that i grow in soil and I’ve currently been using the fox farm trio and i was thinking about switching to advanced nutrients bc its supposed to be ph perfect and I’ve read so many bad reviews about ph pens and it just seems like it would be easier to just use something that’s ph perfect and not even have to worry about it. So what do y’all think about the two ff or an? Which one do y’all think is better?


Both are over priced imho.
I’ve not used either but I can say I don’t trust any "ph perfect " claims.
I would still check ph and balance it. .
If you get a good ph pen you will have no problems just spend over $40 and you should be good…
Cheap tds metters are fine long as you don’t drop them in the water :rofl:
But jacks 321 is what ever one is going to suggest.
I use general hydroponics trio, it’s basically the same as FF trio I believe.
I use a blue lab ph pen and a cheap $10 tds Metter.
I have a blue lab tds meter but the cheap one us just as accurate any time if compared so i just use it…

If you know FF trio stick with it and get a good ph pen.

If you want to try different nutes then go fir jacks 321 and use the money you save to pay fir the ph pen…

That’s my 2 cents :grin:


Looking up Jack’s now


I keep saying I’m going to switch but I keep ordering more if what I’m used to :man_facepalming:.

How do you use that Jack’s stuff is their a feeding chart?

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Nevermind i just read it on Amazon

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Jacks 321 is just part A and part B. The third part is just plain epsom salt you can pick up nearly everywhere. It’s 3.6 grams part A, 2.4 grams part B and 1.2 grams epsom salt. Same amount from seed to harvest.

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I started out with Fox Farm, but switched to Advanced Nutrients after a suggestion from another user here in the forum a couple of years ago. I’ve been using AN very happily ever since. I’m currently trying out Earth Dust on half of my plants in this run, but as of now I have no plans to stop using AN.
If you want the maximum amount of details about the AN pH perfect technology, do a search for Big Mike’s pH Manifesto and download it. It’s about 40 pages, but very much worth the read time.


Interesting article!


Just my two cents for what it worth. You really need to flush your plants when you use the FF trio, there is a flushing schedule on there nutrient sheet.
Happy Growing :blush::v:


@MidwestGuy, yeah, it’s several years old now, but he was definitely ahead of his time getting that info into growers hands. The owner of my local grow store gave me this Advanced Nutrients magazine in 2018 and the pH manifesto was in it. I learned a lot from it!


The only thing about this statement I would change is “need to flush” to “HAVE to flush”.
FF is famous for over-amping everything! From the soils to the schedule.
They do show the fushes on the schedule and they should DEFINITELY be done, unless of course you just like toxic levels of chemicals in your soil to the point of guaranteed lock out. Your choice!

Another vote for Jacks 321. Combine that with extra MKP in bloom and Recharge and FishSh!t throughout the grow and you’ll have monster hauls! And that’s all you need!

FF will give you great results, but it doesn’t HAVE to be that hard!


Thank You for the correction. You are right, you have to Flush!! :blush:


@Tylersays Thanks for the info, was thinking about switching from FF to Jacks… Which MPK do you suggested with Jack’s?

Any pharmaceutical grade will do. You can find it on ebay also and Jacks sells their own boost too.
But this is what I used and it was great!!


They say use it for 2 weeks then back to regular Jacks mix. I used it the first 4 weeks and then dropped back to just Jacks.
But i was using Recharge/Mammoth P once a week too.

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