Fox farm Ocean forest

During the veg stage, can Fox farm’s Ocean Forest soil be flushed to neutralize the nutrients that were already incorporated in the soil when purchased? Are there time released fertilizers in there as well? My plant is showing a clawing formation with some of the leaves.

Much obliged.

I imagine if you water with tap r/o or distilled it will drop the ppm.

@elliot I currently use FF trio with Rasta gringo call mag and powersi on ocean forest I usually do 1/2 tap water 1/2 distilled water or as much distilled water as you need to lower the ppm… using tap water will require more water since the ppm is higher on tab water good luck on the grow I’m a beginner myself but maybe my way works for you

@elliot best way to know what nutrients or ph are in your pots is by test the runoff water after watering

You can flush out all the nutrients but they will get used up soon enough by the plant. There are no time release fertilizers in the soil.

Other things can cause clawing such as watering and lighting issues.

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Yup you can do that but recently ive been toying with the idea of starting with a solo cup of peat moss perlite blend then transferring it to my final medium since seeds seem to like the denseness and natural acidity of peat moss