Fox Farm Ocean Forest Indoor Autos 2020

So there is an abundance of conflicting information and what I am truly looking for is first hand experience with ffof bags sold and used this year, which may include late 2019 at this point for a realistic picture.

I’m planning on dropping some auto’s (White Widow XXL x Zapotec) f4 auto x Nami (Bum Wine x Witch Doctor) in FFOF. I’m reading some conflicting information about the suitability of the soil throughout the past year without altering its structure. I understand that they probably produce on a large scale and pockets of non-uniform mixture will make it into bags; I’d like to hear from anybody that has some experience with the product in the past year though in regards to product efficacy.

Growing in it right now. Last 2 grows as well. Did have an issue last grow but got past it with a flush. This grow going great so far. I like the stuff. Use their neuts as well.

I got some ffof on the east coast for this seasons outdoor grow in May, 10gal pots, had one pot with pH issue, but like @Audiofreak noted, a flush took care of that situation and my ladies have loved it

Working fine for me as well. Had consistency through the bag as well. The only conflicting info I’ve read about with it is if it’s too hot or not, and honestly just depends on the plant. I’ve had the exact same strain had a little nute burn, but the other was fine. It’s a personal preference for the plant and cultivator pretty much. But you had asked about the rest, all seems fine to me.