Fox Farm Ocean Forest & Happy Frog soils

Hello everyone, first time growing. Indoor, size of tent is 2 x 4 x 6. Mars Hydro TSL 2000 light. 4" carbon filter with 4" intake fan. Feminized white widow from ILGM. I plan on using Happy Frog for starters to avoid burning them with the Ocean Forest. My final resting place will be in 5-gallon fabric pots. Given I have Happy Frog and Ocean Forest soils, any soil amends recipes? Perlite?

Thank you in advance


Before switching to coco, I use HF in solo cup and then put solo cup after germination into OF.
I did mix extra perlite into both. I like my soil to drain very well…

Foxfarms soiks will last your plants about 4-6 weeks at most befor the nutrients is used up and you will need to supplement nutrients some how after this time. Or if do a living soil and keep things going that way.

Everyone is going to say use Jacks 321 and ut honestly about the easiest to use and hardest to mess something up with.

But I use coco and perlite in autopots with general hydroponics trio nutrients now mostly…


Oh, welcome to the community @WhiteWidowFeminized :grin:

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Hello hru? Off topic question for ya. I grow in coco n use perlite like 70/30 mix. I have been growing autos but wanna switch to photos. My question is what i have read states mommy plants (for clonin) require soil. Should i just use soil for mothers? I love coco and use fox farms trio nutes.


Hi there. Welcome to your new happy place :blush: I am only on 2nd grow inside. I started with Jack’s 321. Very easy to mix.
No problems.

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So i got a mother and I keep in soil. I think where soil can go longer between waterings is one of the biggest reasons. And typically we want to slow mothers growth down to just keeping them alive.

You could keep it in coco probably, but i believe soil would be easier to maintain over time. Keeping it in a living soil would be ideal i think, but idk much about organics.

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Welcome to the community ! you have a good plan with starting your plants in happy frog an final home ocean forest you’ll be fine. :v::+1: Good luck


Great ty. Yeah i gots some learning to do. I totally agree with you and will start to educate myself about this right after a safety meeting lol. Peace


I mix perlite in FFOF at a rate of 1 scoop perlite for every 4 scoops FFOF. Seems to work well for me.


I do the same ratio…but use Happy Frog.

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FFOF has 10% perlite by volume (according to FF.) I always added an additional 10% and had real good run off.

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Thank you everyone. My soil stress is much less low. I’ll buy some perlite and coco noir to mix into the Happy frog for starters and Ocean Forest for the transplant.

About one cup of perlite for every 4 cups soil.
How much coco noir should be amended with the mix?

I do 20% by volume with Happy Frog. I do get some packing of the soil doing this. I usually have to add a couple of quarts of additional soil after 6 to 8 weeks.

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Awesome. I’ll try that, 20% coco noir and about 20% perlite in both of the soils. Thank you! Now that I have a soil recipe. I’ll figure out watering and feeding schedule. I got the trio of FF liquid fertilizers I’ll use.

welcome to the community, awesome name!

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I’ve heard many good things about coco, i might have to give that a try after I finish the FF. I plan on feeding it, got the trio of FF fertilizers with it. Jacks 321, will check it out. Thanks for the advice

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Thank you!

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Thank you. Will have to try Jack’s now.

Fox Farm Happy Frog with dry amendments. Plant it right in the soil the nutrients won’t be available for a couple of weeks the plant will need it by then works well.

I’m a noob so take what I say with a grain of salt. That said these guys are 1 month old and I started 1 in Oceans Farm and one in Happy Frog from day 1. I had no issue using them as out the bag from a little bean ( the far right was a ghetto mix I made disregard that one)